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Why you’ll Love Instant Tea
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What is Instant Tea?

What is Instant Tea?

Tea is an integral part of the culture of India.

Tea or ‘Chai’ as they call it in India, is prepared in every household, first thing in the morning. The day starts with a hot and marvelous cup of tea. Tea is a very famous beverage in India and is preferable consumed hot irrespective of the season. Even in summer afternoons, after the sun rays start fading away, there is nothing like a whole family uniting to enjoy hot tea. Normally, sugar is added in the preparation of tea. However, some people, who are fitness conscious, enjoy their tea without sugar.

During office breaks, tea is mandatory. It gives instant energy and freshens one up. It boosts senses after a tiresome day. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, fun times start with tea.

Ayurved scriptures have acknowledged many spices and herbs for their medicinal properties. In India, it is very common to include these spices in the preparation of tea while the tea leaves are brewing. Ginger, cardamom, black pepper, tulsi leaves, mint, saffron, lemongrass, nutmeg are some of the spices and herbs that are commonly found in Indian households and added individually or in a combination, as per taste.

Earlier, making tea for everyone and enjoying along used to be so relaxing and therapeutic. But things changed drastically and tea, which was earlier an emotion, has become a quick fix potion now. The current generation is in the race against time. Things are upgrading and changing faster. However, due to the rejuvenating experience of tea, it is still popular and will never be out of fashion. The cold version of tea, which is known as is gaining more popularity in metro cities.

Instant Tea is a buzzword today. A stressful lifestyle has resulted in reducing favorite tea time. There is no time to brew it. But no worries! Neel Beverages instant tea premix comes to the rescue and can be made in a few minutes. It is time-saving, convenient, and is an instant mood fixer. It comes in very handy and is a faithful companion on long journeys. For those, who prefer sugar free version of instant tea, instant tea premix without sugar is available too.

Reasons Why You Would Want Instant Tea

  • Tastes Delicious

Instant Tea tastes delicious. Different people from different age groups will agree with this. Looking for a flavorful way to rejuvenate yourself? Try Neel Beverages Instant Tea premix.

  • Timesaver:

In these stressful times, we want things quick and instant. With the rising number of youth, who enjoy their fast-flowing, on-the-go lifestyle, instant tea is the best beverage as it doesn’t require lots of time to make. Whether at home, working in the office, or enjoying time with friends on adventure trips, hiking or trails, instant tea can be made anytime anywhere. Instant tea allows one to stay focused on the work as it doesn’t require much effort in making it.

  • Lightweight in Nature

Neel Beverages Instant Tea premix is easy to carry due to its lightweight nature. It takes very little space in the backpack or luggage. Even though it’s small, it helps a great deal in staying an individual alert and awake. It gives them a quick boost and energizes them fully. It comes in handy during long journeys.

  • Consistent Taste:
Consistent Taste

The difference between a homemade tea and an instant tea using Neel Beverages instant tea premix is that in the former one, a slight change in the proportion of ingredients leads to a change in the taste of the tea. This is why homemade tea tastes different every single time. At Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd, we believe in paying attention to detail in manufacturing our products. We have carefully curated all our products, which gives consistency at taste all times.

  • Zero Wastage:

To prepare one cup of Neel Beverages instant tea, all you need is a little more than 100 ml of hot water and one sachet of instant tea premix. That’s it! Mix them in a cup. After a quick mix, your instant tea is ready to drink in under 5 minutes. Unlike in other cases where tea bags or tea leaves are remnants after brewing tea, Neel Beverages instant tea premix creates no such wastage.

  • Less Caffeine
Premix Tea

Instant tea consists of less caffeine as compared to coffees. Those who don’t like a heavy dose of caffeine, or have a low tolerance for caffeine, may prefer Neel Beverages Instant tea premix.

  • No Preservatives or Synthetic Colors:

Neel Beverages instant tea premix includes no preservatives, synthetic colors in the manufacture of instant tea premix. Our products are made of 100% Natural ingredients. The products that we introduce are not only delicious but are healthy too.

  • Variety of Options to Choose From:
Types of instant tea

At Neel Beverages Private Limited, we have come up with a range of ingenious product ranges after detailed study and analysis of market pulse. We understand the requirements of our customers. Neel Beverages instant tea premix comes in different flavors. Those whose idea of healthy beverages doesn’t include sugar can find instant tea premix without sugar. We have introduced the following range of products in the instant tea premix category:

  1. Instant Saffron Tea
  2. Instant Saffron Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  3. Instant Masala Tea
  4. Instant Masala Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  5. Green Herbal Tea
  6. Instant Karak Teas
  7. Instant Karak Teas unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  8. Instant Lemongrass Tea
  9. Instant Lemongrass Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  10. Instant Cardamom Tea
  11.  Instant Cardamom Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  12.  Instant Ginger Tea
  13. Instant Ginger Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)

Now, our customers can enjoy their favorite beverage in the flavor of their choice.

  • Health Benefits:

Instant tea has many benefits to offer to an individual. During a common cold and flu, warm, flavorful tea is a blessing indeed. For sore throat or at times when one experiences nasal congestion, an aromatic tea heals immediately. However, instant tea must not be considered as a substitute for any medication prescribed by the doctor.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd is extremely happy with its loyal customers who have never compromised with the quality of taste.

At Neel Beverages, we use the best quality machinery and put a lot of effort to curate our products. We are open to incorporate changes, if any, to make our brand quality even better and proud to offer a range of products that matches international quality and excellence.

Our products are admired by consumers. Our customers vouch for our after-sales service. We take pride in offering ingenious products and are blessed with positive reviews. We are thankful to our customers and acknowledge their efforts in spreading words of awareness for our service through their reviews.

Start using Neel Beverages Instant tea premix every day and see the change yourself! Place your orders online today!!!

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