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Lemon Black Tea: How To Drink And Enjoy It


How To Drink And Enjoy Instant Lemon Black Tea

Guess what is prepared first thing in the morning in every Asian Household? Yes! You guessed it right!! It is none other than ‘Tea’.

Traditionally, Tea is always preferred as a hot beverage in South East Asia, unlike western countries wherein tea means ‘Iced Tea’ or ‘Ice Tea’.

In old days, a whole family used to start their mornings with warm tea. But things changed drastically and a nomadic lifestyle made it difficult to have this ritual at home. These days, none has time to make things from scratch. Considering the growing need for flavorful instant tea, Neel Beverages Private Limited came up with many flavors in the ‘Instant Tea’ category.

After the major success and growing demand for ‘Instant Tea Premix’, Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. has now introduced ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea Premix’ for those aficionados that enjoy their tea with tangy and sweet zest.

This instant tea is worth a try. Let us find out why!

How To Drink And Enjoy Lemon Black Tea

How To Drink And Enjoy Lemon Black Tea

Preparing Lemon Black Tea is no rocket science, especially when you are using ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemon Black Tea Premix’.

Yes, being instant, now you can make ‘Lemon Black Tea’ in less than five minutes.

Here are steps to make lemon black tea using ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemon Black Tea’ (For one person):

Voila! ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’ is now ready for you to enjoy! Whether living alone or with a family, our products are best to enjoy anytime you wish to!

Each box of ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemon Black Tea Premix’ consists of 10 single-serve sachets.

Benefits Of Including Lemon Black Tea In Daily Intake

Let us now try to understand some of the benefits of lemon black tea point by point:

  • Rich Source Of Vitamin C
Rich Source Of Vitamin C

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are a rich source of Vitamin ‘C’. Vitamin ‘C’ primarily helps protect cells from damage that is likely to be caused by free radicals due to antioxidants. Free radicals happen to be molecules that are produced when your body is breaking down food or when you are exposed to radiation or tobacco smoke.

Daily intake of antioxidants helps one protect against many diseases. It is found that those fruits, veggies, or whole grains that tend to be high in antioxidants tend to be high in fiber too.

One of the simple and humble ways to include Vitamin ‘C’ and antioxidants in your diet, is to include our very own ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemon Black Tea’ in your daily intake.

  • Improvement Of Immunity:
Immunity Booster

Well, the Novel Corona Virus taught us all the importance of having a good immunity. We are more health-conscious now more than ever and have finally learned not to take good health for granted.

Individuals with low immunity fall sick very easily. Nothing truly can affect us unless our body supports it or we are weak from within. There is no alternative to having a good immunity.

Normally, children with low immunity get affected during the common cold and flu. A regular intake of ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’ may be very helpful in boosting immunity due to vitamin ‘C’.

  • Regulates Metabolism:
Regulates Metabolism

Metabolism, in simple language, is the process your body uses to burn or make energy from the food. Do you know that you are reliant on your metabolism to breathe, digest, think, circulate blood, keep you warm during winters, and keep you cool during the heat? Yes, that is correct!

A good metabolism makes the process of weight management very comfortable. A good amount of sleep, staying creative, moderate exercise, and a proper diet are some of the ways to maintain good metabolism.

Instant Lemon Black Tea’ may aid in the improvement of your metabolism. Yes! Simple and humble things are capable to produce desired results too. It just takes a wise one to see the extraordinariness in the disguise of simplicity.

  • Helps You Stay Well-Hydrated:

If you are bored of drinking water to keep yourself well-hydrated, here comes ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’! We bet you haven’t come across any tastier beverage for staying hydrated than ‘Instant Black Lemon Tea’.

  • The Process Of Detoxification:

Detoxification enables the elimination of toxins through the body and is preferred after eating the wrong kind of food or feeling too congested after eating too much food. Detoxification helps you remove impurities, toxins, and pollutants from your skin making it glow.

Lemon Black Tea, consists of Vitamin C, which may aid the process of detoxification and hence finds a permanent skin-care routine among many ladies.

Instant Lemon Black Tea stands out due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Boosts Digestive System:
Instant Lemon Black Tea may improve and enhance gut health

Instant Lemon Black Tea’ may improve and enhance gut health. Sipping a cup of ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’ after a heavy meal temporarily relieves you from bloating. This, in turn, may significantly improve the digestive system.

  • Relaxing And Rejuvenating Experience:
Instant Lemon Black Tea helps in Relaxing And Rejuvenating Experience

Have ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’ first thing in the morning and set your goals and intentions. This simple technique will go long way to solve your problems by being clear and staying focused on your tasks.

Don’t let monotonous tasks ruin fun for you. Take breaks during office time to relax and sip ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’.

Coming home tired with no stamina to prepare anything from scratch is a common problem many individuals face. With the ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemon Black Tea Premix’, now you can feel relaxed, refreshed, and energized.

Neel Beverages Products’ are tasty, healthy, and hence are truly modern-day magic potions.

However, it must be noted that anything is beneficial when used in moderation. Further, Neel Beverages Products don’t replace any medication.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Products

Why choose Neel Beverages Instant  Lemon Black Tea

Neel Beverages Products are unique because no preservatives or synthetic colors are used in the making. Our products are 100 Percent natural and now are available on amazon.

Now you can enjoy tangy Instant Lemon Black Tea during any season.

Buy ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea Premix’ to tickle your taste buds, one glass at a time!

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