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Instant Jaggery tea premix: Open new happiness in every sip

Instant Jaggery tea premix: Open new happiness in every sip

Instant Jaggery tea premix: Open new happiness in every sip

Consumed mostly in the rural parts of India, Jaggery tea now is not only restricted to it. Rather, due to the many advantages of jaggery, it has become famous and is widely consumed in many other parts too. Jaggery tea is slowly gaining popularity everywhere else too.

‘Tea’ or what is popularly known as ‘Chai’ in South East Asia, is considered to be the nectar in India. You will hardly find any Indian, whose day doesn’t start with chai.

Some individuals are tea aficionados. They are at ease when it comes to drinking tea anytime. Most individuals have no control over sugar intake and are tired of their habit of excessive sugar consumption. Everyone now is considering other options that are healthy and suit their needs. Honey and Jaggery have emerged as excellent options.

Long before individuals started looking for healthy options, our ancient scriptures have mentioned the importance of including jaggery in our daily lives. Our sages and Acharyas of Ayurveda have been very visionary and wise. They very well knew about the need to control and restrict excessive sugar intake so it doesn’t harm the consumer in the future.

Even though both sugar and jaggery are made from sugarcane juice, they are processed differently. After the initial boiling of sugar, the syrup is treated with charcoal to soak unwanted particles and to give it a clear and transparent look. When the solution is crystallized, it becomes sugar. When it comes to jaggery, sugarcane syrup is merely boiled for several hours to produce a thick paste and then molded to get a firm shape. Although sugar and jaggery are the products of sugarcane, they differ in composition. It is the rigorous industrial process of making sugar that makes it lose its essential minerals. But when it comes to jaggery, it manages to retain traces of fiber, iron, and various mineral salts.

Tasty Jaggery Tea has made it to become a famous choice for tea lovers.

Have you ever tried premix products before? If you haven’t, and wondering how to use them, it is time to go through this article. This article is about the new product by Neel Beverages Private Limited-Instant Jaggery tea premix.

Let us go through the following points one by one in detail.

Let us start with reasons to drink jaggery tea.

Reasons to drink jaggery tea

Reasons to drink jaggery tea

Some drink Jaggery tea for its aroma and taste. Some drink it for its health benefits. However, the health benefits of jaggery tea have always been a matter of research.

It is believed that jaggery tea proves to be soothing during the common cold and flu. It is a comfortable solution during the rainy and winter seasons. Many tend to drink jaggery tea to prevent bloating and to improve digestion.

Mere drinking jaggery tea doesn’t change things overnight nor give miraculous results. Hence it must not be replaced with medication. Also, it should not be consumed in moderation.

Most health issues are caused by lifestyle choices and can be fixed by making necessary lifestyle changes.

Step-by-step recipe to make jaggery tea

Step-by-step recipe to make jaggery tea

The recipe and flavor of tea differ from one another in every house. Each house has its version of making its comfort drink. Tea is highly customizable. Some use nutmeg, cardamom, fennel seeds, black pepper, cloves, lemongrass, Tulsi leaves, and many other spices and herbs of their choice.

You would need the following ingredients if you wish to make jaggery tea at your home for four people.

  • 1 ½ cup of water
  • 5 tablespoons of jaggery
  • 3 teaspoons of tea leaves
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 2 cardamom pods
  • ½ tablespoon of fennel seeds
  • 3 cloves

Step-by-step recipe to make instant jaggery tea

Step-by-step recipe to make instant jaggery tea

  • Start with heating water in a pan.
  • Add spices of your choice in the proportion that suits your taste.
  • Add tea leaves and let them boil.
  • Proceed to add milk at this point.
  • Pour jaggery in powder form into each cup you are about to serve.
  • Pour hot tea and continue to stir till jaggery is dissolved completely.

Here are some things to take a note of:

  • It takes 15-20 minutes to prepare jaggery tea.
  • You may use full-fat milk for creaminess.
  • Jaggery teatastes the best when served hot.
  • Step-by-step recipe to make instant jaggery tea.

15-20 minutes to prepare just a simple jaggery tea is not acceptable in this world of hustle-bustle. Aren’t we busy running the circus all day completing all deadlines and one task after another? Imagine coming home all mentally exhausted and physically tired. Having no stamina to drag you to a nice café and enjoy something soothing with friends and family? Well, worry not! It is time to place an order for jaggery tea premix by our very own Neel Beverages Private Limited.

Thankfully, the world of the internet has brought everyone closer and the whole world has become a global village. Placing an order online has never been this easier before. Once you connect with us, you will get to know about other premix solutions that include instant tea premix, instant coffee premix, instant Nimbu Pani Premix, Instant milkshakes premix, etc.

Let it be any occasion or any celebration, instant premix solutions are at the constant beck and call for every craving. With premix solutions, you can now make instant beverages for every occasion as they take as much time to make for many as they take for one individual.

Want to make jaggery tea instantly? You can’t find a better way than Neel Beverages Instant Premix Solutions.

Here is how you make instant jaggery tea with the help of instant jaggery tea premix.

Boil 100 ml of water. While the water is boiling, pour a sachet of jaggery premix into it. Pour the boiled water into the cup and give it a quick mix. This is all you need to do to have your jaggery tea in less than five minutes. Don’t believe this? See it yourself as you order instant jaggery tea premix online.

When it comes to family get-togethers, reunions, or any kind of celebration, you would need something user-friendly, a time-saver, and delightful for special people. Say goodbye to all the time-consuming ways of making teas and get ready to welcome instant jaggery tea premix.

About Neel Beverages Premix Solutions

About Neel Beverages Premix Solutions

Here are some of the prominent features of Neel Beverages Premix Solutions:

  • Affordable:

We are proud of our team that has curated all these instant solutions after taking into consideration the lifestyle, likes, dislikes, preferences, choices, convenience, and many other factors of market demographics. The Neel Beverages Premix solutions are affordable to every section of society and can be enjoyed by everyone in the comfort and sanctity of their own homes.

  • Saves time:

Want to save your precious time? Don’t like making things from scratch? Instant premix solutions are here to solve your problem. Being lightweight, you can carry instant jaggery premix anywhere, so you can now enjoy your favorite tea without having to compromise on taste.

  • User-friendly:

We aim to make user-friendly products. Quick solutions at affordable prices make our products stand out among all. With the kind of response we get, we would soon become leaders in the world market too.

Instant Jaggery tea premix has zero chance of disappointing you. The time to place an order for instant jaggery premix is now!

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