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Unsweetened Ginger karak tea: The Best Teas To Boost Your Immune System


Karak Tea has its origin in South Asia. Karak Tea or Karak Chai, as is known in the local language of India, means a tea with a strong taste. The taste of Karak tea changes from region to region. The ingredients of Karak Tea normally include milk, water, sugar, spices like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, whole clove, pepper, star anise, saffron, etc., and a strong black tea powder. Karak Tea is much stronger in taste as compared to the regular cup of tea.

Typically a Karak tea has a high sugar content, but if you consider nutritional benefits without sugar, Unsweetened Ginger Karak tea, for instance, is likely to improve the digestive process and can keep your gut very healthy. Spices have been mentioned to have medicinal value in Ayurvedic Scriptures and have been in common in use in every household.

Ginger karak tea

The easy way to include these spices in your daily intake is to begin your day with ginger Karak Tea. Ginger Karak Chai is consumed on its own or alongside biscuits or with other snacks.

After the pandemic, people have understood the importance of immunity and have become more health-conscious, unsweetened ginger Karak tea has experienced growth in terms of popularity and has become the most preferred staple. Nowadays, people prefer to drink tea without any additives or added sweeteners, as they don’t wish to interfere with the antioxidants that come along a brewed tea. Many people enjoy the taste of unsweetened tea, as it is not fettered by any sweetness.

How Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea Helps Boost Immunity

How Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea Helps Boost Immunity

The Winter season is approaching faster. The viral and flu are on the rise. The novel corona Virus has taught all the importance of immunity.

It is proved that ginger contains medicinal properties that ensure major health benefits. Ginger doesn’t appeal appearance-wise but due to the qualities it embodies, it is better known as a wonder spice. It is used fresh or in dry form. Ginger is used even in powdered form. Including unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. in your daily intake is the simplest way of flushing toxins from the body. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it a valuable medicinal spice. Neel Beverages unsweetened Ginger Karak tea is your one-stop solution and go-to beverage on many health issues.

consuming ginger Karak tea

Unless, of course, you are allergic to ginger, there is no problem with consuming ginger Karak tea on daily basis. It is healthy and safe to drink unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea every day as it assists your immunity system. Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea is preferred by many, first thing in the morning so it keeps them energized all through the day during their busy schedules and hectic tasks.

Neel beverages unsweetened ginger Karak Tea is the best way of keeping your immunity strong. It is very easy to make, pocket-friendly, and easy to carry anywhere. If you have to make ginger Karak tea at home, from the scratch, it will approximately take 30 minutes. Also, a slight change in the proportion affects the taste. Using Neel beverages unsweetened ginger Karak tea eliminates the possibility of inconsistent taste and time-consuming procedure involved to make the tea.

During traveling or adventure trips, hiking trails, etc. one must be accompanied by Neel beverages unsweetened ginger Karak tea. It is instant to make and can be enjoyed with family and friends, irrespective of the place.

What are the benefits of unsweetened Ginger Karak tea

Consuming a cup of unsweetened Ginger Karak tea every day does have some benefits for the user.

  • Cure for indigestion:
Cure for indigestion

The main ingredient of unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea is ‘Ginger’ which is acknowledged due to its medicinal properties in Ayurveda. It has been proved time and time again that ginger may help in:

  1. Lowering the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter
  2. Prevent flatulence
  3. Cures indigestion
  4. Reduces cramping

After a heavy meal, one may feel bloated. The way out is to try Neel Beverages unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea. This immediately cures bloating and removes the feeling of heaviness.

  • Soothes Sore throats and cold:
Soothes Sore throats and cold

Ginger is trusted by every mother when the child is facing the problem of sore throat, cold and common nasal congestion. Neel Beverages unsweetened ginger Karak tea helps one in relaxing on a normal cold. However, it must be noted that Neel Beverages unsweetened ginger Karak tea is not a replacement for medication.

Further, anything must be consumed in moderation to produce the desired results. Taking any habit overboard must be avoided.

How to make Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea

How to make Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea

It takes less than five minutes to make a warm and refreshing cup of Neel Beverages Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea.

All you need to do is to heat a little more than 150 ml water and once it is warm, pour it into your cup and add one sachet of instant unsweetened ginger Karak tea premix sachet. Once you give it a quick stir, voila! You are now filled with the energy to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

Neel Beverage has proudly introduced the Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea taking into consideration those customers whose idea of a healthy beverage doesn’t include sugar.

It is very easy to buy Neel beverages unsweetened ginger Karak Premix online. Along with Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea premix, many other flavors of teas, soups, iced teas, and coffees are curated by Neel Beverages and are available for sale online.

Why choose Neel Beverages Karak tea premix

Neel beverage karak tea

Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd was established in 2008 and became the first-ever Indian company to obtain ISO 22000:2005 certification in the category of premix beverages. Within a very short period, our products captured overseas markets. The nations to whom we export our products include Canada, Bahrain, Maldives, Oman, Malaysia, the United States of America, Saudi to name a few. Our products are acknowledged widely and are immensely popular because they meet international standards.

We are extremely thankful to our customers who have done a great deal of spreading awareness about our products. Our products are pocket friendly and as per the likes of our customers, who are very loyal to our brand. We are appreciated not only for the quality of products we deliver but also for the up-to-mark after-sales service, we offer. Quality over quantity is our motto and our customers vouch for the same.

Our products are made with dedication and our service-oriented approach has never let our customers down. The health of our customers is of paramount importance to us and this is the reason why we curate a hundred percent natural products. The use of synthetic foods or any preservatives is strictly avoided in the making of Neel Beverages Unsweetened Ginger Karak Tea Premix.

Our product development team carefully develops products after detailed analysis and study of customers’ choices, their habits, likes, dislikes, preferences, taste, their requirements, etc. We await valuable suggestions from our customers that can significantly improve our products. Our customers have motivated us to be better.

We take pride in being one of the best instant unsweetened ginger tea premix brands. Do try Neel Beverages Unsweetened Ginger Tea premix– a simple and humble beverage. This winter, try this rejuvenating potion by Neel Beverages Private Limited. Experience the joy of simplicity!

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