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Premix Tea: Premix Tea and its Types
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Instant tea premix

The most popular beverage consumed worldwide is Tea. Around 80 percent of the people prefer black tea and the rest prefer green tea. Tea is brewed from dried leaves of the Camellia Sinensis’, or tea plant, as known in common parlance. There is a range of different kinds of tea available in the market. The level of oxidation might be different for each type of tea.

 Whether it’s a time to enjoy a cold wintery day, a rainy day, or a warm evening of summer, it’s an ideal time for tea or ‘Chai’ in India. May it be any season or any time of the year, for that matter, it is impossible to say ‘No’ to an aromatic cup of instant tea.

Any social event, a family get-together, or old friends catching up, is simply incomplete without serving tea and sharing it with loved ones. It is an unspoken rule that the guest should not refuse a nice steamy cup of tea when offered by the host. Offering tea is a great way of hospitality. Normally, tea is served with snacks or any biscuits of choice. Many conversations can happen over a cup of tea, which is why it is very easy to connect and bond with people over tea parties.

Instant premix tea

It is an ideal companion on the first date. Whether meeting friends after a long time or taking a break with colleagues during office break, there is nothing like Instant tea to refresh your mind!

Instant tea is a comfortable beverage, in the true sense. It is warm, aromatic and, freshens up your mind and body. It stimulates the senses.

It is widely consumed at breakfast or before work begins, as it keeps one very active and helps one stay focused on their work. When you begin your day with a cup of instant tea, you feel confident and mentally prepared for many tasks that are presented to you throughout the day!

What is Premix Tea

Premix Tea

A premix tea is a ready-made powder of sugar, dairy whitener, tea extract and, milk solids combined.

It does not take more than 5minutes to prepare tea using instant tea premixes by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Our customers can choose from a variety of options that satisfy their taste buds.

To make instant tea, just pour a little more than 100 ml of warm water into a cup and add one sachet of any instant premix tea of your choice. That’s it! After a quick stir, it is ready for you to drink.

Being instant, it is time-saving as you don’t have to take time to add all the ingredients separately. Also, if the tea is needed in large quantities, having premix instant tea powder enables you to prepare the same with the least minimum effort.

Instant Tea

Instant tea premix by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. comes in handy if you are too tired to do much and are badly in need of energy. Also when surprise guests arrive, instant premix tea always comes to the rescue. Instant tea is manufactured carefully and gives a consistent taste every time, unlike homemade tea, where a slight change in the proportion might change the taste of instant tea to a great extent.

Unlike other items that occupy a lot of space in the luggage during long journey travels, instant tea premix powder sachets, take up very little space and are easy to carry anywhere due to their lightweight. Instant tea premix is a perfect companion on road trips, vacations, hiking, adventure trails, etc. It is very easy to carry and pocket-friendly too.

Regular and moderate consumption of instant tea does have some health benefits. However, it should not be seen as an alternative to the medication as prescribed by the doctor.

What are the Types of Instant Tea

Types of instant tea

There are many brands in the market that provide various types of instant tea premix. Some of the kinds include Sweetened, unsweetened, or with different spices such as ginger, saffron, cardamom, etc.

At Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. we provide the following products in the instant tea premix category:

  1. Instant Cardamom Tea
  2. Instant Cardamom Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  3. Instant Ginger Tea  
  4. Instant Ginger Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  5. Instant Masala Tea
  6. Instant Masala Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  7. Instant Saffron Tea
  8. Instant Saffron Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  9. Instant Lemongrass Tea
  10.  Instant Lemongrass Tea unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  11.  Instant Karak Teas
  12. Instant Karak Teas unsweetened (Without Sugar)
  13. Green Herbal Tea

We have come up with this range of instant premix teas after detailed study and analysis as far as quality, taste and, the convenience of our customers is concerned, which enables us to innovate different kinds of beverage solutions.

Where to Buy Tea Premix

In this century, where technological advancement is at its peak, placing an online order is easily manageable. The online purchase makes it easy for anyone to order our instant tea premix powder, of their taste from anywhere.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Ever since the establishment of Neel Beverages Pvt. Limited in 2008, our products soon became part of routines in many households.  They are in great demand in countries like the United States of America, Maldives, Canada, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi, to name a few. We are happy and proud to be the first beverage company in India to obtain ISO 22000:2005 certification. We match international standards in the quality of beverages like instant tea, lemon tea, coffee, etc.

Our customers appreciate not only our best quality products but also after-sales service. We have been blessed with positive reviews from our customers, who have done a great job of spreading awareness about our best products.

A true tea aficionado never compromises the taste of tea and is very loyal to the brand. Our products are for such tea connoisseurs, who are ardent admirers of quality service.

Products of Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. are carefully curated. They are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and no preservatives or synthetic foods have been used in the manufacture of the same. So, what are you waiting for? Do give our instant premix tea a try!!!

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