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Masala Chai: What are its Benefits
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masala chai

Tea or ‘Chai’ as is known in India is no less than religion here. This beverage is consumed first thing in the morning in almost all Indian households. In India not offering tea to guests is considered very rude. Every family has its version of making chai. Any family function, get-together, social events, family unions, friends reunions are incomplete without ‘Tea’. A day started with morning tea always keeps energized and refreshed. A Masala Chai satisfies your taste buds and prepares you for the day ahead. Normally, in India, one drinks 2-3 cups of chai every day.

Many business deals, conversations, and a lot of things happen over a cup of tea. It is a very common sight to find a tea seller or a ‘Chaiwala’ in every corner of a street. People visit chaiwalas during office breaks and have a refreshing chai that keeps them stay active and alert throughout the day.

delightful tea

In Mumbai, ‘Cutting Chai’ is very famous. People enjoy this multiple times during the day but the quantity of this beverage is consumed in small proportion.

Masala Chai has its origin in India and simple words mean, tea that is brewed with spices. India has been using spices from ancient times.  Many medicinal writings reflect the valuable properties of herbs and spices in the Ayurveda Scriptures. Spices and herbs have been a very crucial part of the culinary culture of India. Among these, saffron is considered a prized possession and is very expensive.

In many Asian countries, tea is an integral part of the culture. Japan, for example, is a country whose culture is ingrained in the Zen Philosophy, according to which, tea parties are aimed at creating a bond between the host and the guest. The tea ceremony aims to bring inner peace of mind.

What Spices are Included in Masala Chai

Spices are Included in Masala Chai

Cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, black peppercorn, ginger, saffron are some of the common and famous spices to be included in the making of ‘Masala Chai. The proportion and use of spices vary as per personal preference. At times, a single spice is added in the making whereas a combination of various spices can be used all together as well.

Neel Beverages Masala Chai premix is manufactured after taking into consideration the necessities of our customers. Making homemade Masala Chai takes a lot of effort as you must add each spice separately. Every spice comes with a shelf life and must be consumed before it starts to perish. Also, a slight change in the proportion brings a change in the taste. That is why homemade chai is never consistent taste-wise.

May it be the sudden arrival of guests or coming home exhausted after a long tiresome, hectic day at work, the Neel Beverages instant Masala Chai premix immediately comes to the rescue.

The regular or the sweetened version of instant masala chai premix includes the combination of sugar, dairy whitener, tea extract, milk solids, and ground spices. We also provide instant Masala Chai premix in unsweetened form, for those whose idea of comfort beverage doesn’t include sugar.

During hiking, long journeys, adventure trails, or sitting at the home by the windows during the rainy evenings, one can experience the same taste and enjoy with their loved ones without haste.

To make instant masala chai, pour a little more than 100 ml hot water in a cup and empty one sachet of Neel Beverages Instant Masala Chai premix. After a quick mix, you are ready with the magic potion to keep you energized.

Neel Beverages instant masala tea premix comes with a shelf life of 12 months and contains 10 single-serve sachets.

Benefits of Masala Chai:

Masala chai is not just a delicious beverage but offers some health benefits too. Masala Chai contains lots of nutritional value. One of the easiest ways to include spices in your diet is to consume Masala chai every day.

  • Great Immunity Booster
Immunity Booster

Due to the blend of various spices that are acknowledged for their medicinal properties, the Masala chai works as an immunity booster. Masala chai, apart from being flavorful, tasty, and aromatic, offers some medicinal qualities too. Spices strengthen the immunity system that stands as a strong defense and doesn’t allow you to fall sick due to mild infections.

  • A Simple Cure for Mild Cold and Flu:

During mild cold, flu, and nasal congestion due to it, a warm cup of masala chai is all one needs. It provides instant relief.

  • Energy Booster:
Energy Booster

The main ingredient of Chai is tea leaves, which include caffeine. Masala Chai includes spices too. Both caffeine and spices give an immediate energy boost.

  • Mood Fixer:

Instant masala chai is a mood fixer. The warmth, flavor, and aroma instantly fix the mood and gives a feel-good feeling. According to some people, there is nothing that a Masala Chai can’t fix and is no less than a magic potion.

  • Aids in the Process of  Digestion:
Aids in the Process of  Digestion

Most people, when they feel bloated after overeating, prefer to drink a steamy cup of instant masala Chai due to its digestive properties. After a cup of masala chai, the mind experiences calmness, and the body feels refreshed.

Although Masala chai is popular and is widely consumed due to its valuable medical properties, it must be understood that it is not a replacement for any medicines prescribed and hence, must not, at all cost, be treated as such.

Everything is beneficial, when in moderation. A minimum of one cup of Masala Chai a day would suffice.  

Why choose Neel Beverages Instant chai

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

In 2008, our Company Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. was established in India and became the first Indian Company to receive ISO 22000:2005 certification in the premix category products. This signifies that our products match international standards in terms of quality and excellence.

In this era, where technology is at its peak, we use only high-quality technology in the manufacture of products. Reviews and feedback of our loyal customers who have taken efforts to spread awareness about our products speak volumes. The happiness and satisfaction of our customers is our achievement. We believe in studying and analyzing the needs of customers before curating an indigenous range of products. We understand the market pulse and are willing to incorporate any change to make our brand better.

We believe in paying attention to details and our products are for health-conscious individuals. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and preservatives or synthetic foods are strictly excluded in the making.

Our products are available online and can be ordered from anywhere. So hurry up and order your Neel Beverages Masala Chai premix today to brighten each morning!

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