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Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea: Delicious, Healthy, and Refreshing Choice For You


Saffron is an expensive spice known for its rich history. It comes from a flower known as ‘Crocus Sativus’. Saffron is a highly valued spice for a reason. It is earthy and royal both in terms of color and texture. It is known to be a rich source of nutrients and is added to many dishes to make them rich in taste and flavor.

How Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea Is A Refreshing Choice

Instant saffron tea to Boost your mood

Saffron Tea or Kesar Tea is a tasty combination of tea leaves, sugar, milk, and most importantly ‘Saffron’. A day that begins with ‘Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea’ is special indeed.

Among all kinds of teas, Saffron tea is aromatic, tasty, flavorful, special, and simply one of a kind. It is a life of a party, gathering, social events, get-togethers, etc.

In India, saying ‘No’ to tea is considered very rude. Also not offering tea is also considered rude. When it comes to Saffron Tea, it is impossible to say ‘No’ to.

Saffron (Kesar) tea surely is a refreshing experience.

Benefits Of Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea

For some people, tea is not just a beverage, but rather an emotion. There is a category of individuals that believes that tea is nectar on planet earth. ‘Neel Beverages’ has carefully curated products for such people who prefer quality over quantity and won’t compromise in terms of taste. Neel Beverages Products are the first choice of tea aficionados.

As per the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, you may find mention of different spices with their properties. Ancient sages have stressed the importance of using these in day-to-day lives. One such unique spice is ‘Saffron’.

Saffron Tea’ turns any ordinary event into a special and memorable one. During social gatherings, ‘Saffron Tea’ is served to delight. ‘Instant Saffron (Kesar) Tea’ tickled tastes buds and has many more advantages. Let us now discuss the benefits of Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea:

  • Mood-Enhancer:
saffron tea instant mood enhancer

There are plenty of things that boost your mood and make you cheerful. Success at work, selfless acts of kindness, drinking more water, good sleep, being out in the sun, traveling, exercise, meditation, daily affirmations, etc. being a few of them. One of the simple ways to enhance your mood is enjoying Instant Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea. Starting your day with Instant Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea boosts your mood and helps you plan your day.

Are you not a morning person? Do you wish that your day begins with brilliant moments of clarity? Your search is over. It is time to include ‘Instant Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea Premix’ in your collection. Remember, self-care is never an extravagance. It is a necessity.

  • Antidote For Stress:
Instant saffron tea Antidote For Stress

People infuse themselves with a heavy intake of caffeine through coffee hoping that it will relieve stress. What they forget, is that the keyword of a healthy lifestyle is ‘Moderation.’ Coffee is a preferred beverage of many as it increases dopamine levels. Dopamine, also known as a ‘Happy Hormone’ is a neurotransmitter that activates pleasure centers in the brain. Dopamine helps you deal with anxiety calmly. ‘Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea Premix’ by Neel Beverages is a must in your collection, as it is a stress buster. Many prefer to include warm Karak Tea (Saffron) Instant Tea at least a few times during the week, if not possible every day.

  • User-Friendly:
User friendly

Neel Beverages Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea indeed is very user-friendly. Being lightweight, you may carry it easily in your luggage. A box ofKarak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea Premix consists of 10 single-serve sachets.

Preparing ‘Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea’ is very simple. Anyone can make instant saffron tea, anytime using ‘Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea Instant Premix’. All you have to do is boil 150 ml water and add a single sachet of ‘Karak Saffron Instant Tea Instant Premix’ to it. After mixing it properly, your instant Karak saffron tea is ready to drink.

Now, more than ever, we are living a nomadic lifestyle and want products that reduce our efforts and time. We can enjoy your favorite Karak saffron tea at home. If you are a minimalist or someone who doesn’t like spending a lot in cafes or restaurants, then ‘Karak Saffron Instant Tea Premix’ is a must in your collection.

Neel Beverages products are easily affordable. If you are looking for unique gift ideas, your search is over. This year gift ‘Neel Beverages Instant Saffron Tea Premix’ to your tea aficionado friends.

  • Improves Overall Health:

The main component of Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea is saffron. Saffron is better known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Daily intake of ‘Instant Saffron (Kesar)Tea’ may improve your immune system and overall health.

  • Soothing Effect:
Instant tea for soothes sore throat

During common cold and flu, consuming ‘Instant Karak Saffron (Kesar) Tea’ soothes you temporarily. ‘Neel Beverages’ has introduced ‘Instant Karak Saffron Tea’ for mothers who understand what their child needs.

You may drink ‘Instant Karak Saffron Tea’ when you feel uncomfortable due to nasal congestion. However, it must be understood that ‘Neel Beverages Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea Premix’ is not a replacement for any medication.

  • Alleviates Bloating:

If you feel bloated, after heavy meals, worry not! ‘Neel Beverages Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea’ is your go-to beverage. It relieves you from bloating, immediately. Many prefer warm ‘Karak Saffron (Kesar) Instant Tea’ after lunch. It instantly makes you feel good.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea

Neel beverage karak tea

At Neel Beverages Private Limited, we combine taste, quality, and most importantly the convenience to provide innovative and flavorful instant beverage solutions. Every product has been curated with 100% natural ingredients. We do not believe in using synthetic food colors or preservatives in the making of any of our products. It is what makes ‘Neel Beverages Products’ healthy, delicious, and stand out in the market.

If you refrain from adding additional calories to your beverage, do try ‘Unsweetened Karak Tea (Saffron) Instant Tea’.

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