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Karak Masala Tea: The Best Tea to Start Your Day


Chai or tea is a common Indian household beverage. Although the ingredients differ from region to region, it mostly contains some staple ingredients. In the West Bengal region of India, you can find a different variety of tea, known as, ‘Lebu Cha’ or ‘Lemon Tea’, for instance.

Chai is always assumed to be a hot beverage in India until told otherwise. ‘Iced Tea’ was not very common as compared to hot tea. You can find a ‘Chaiwala’ or a ‘Teaseller’ at every corner of the street ready to serve you with a hot refreshing tea, anytime you wish to. Iced tea is nowadays gaining popularity in India, especially among youth.

Karak Masala tea

Indian Masala tea is famous globally for its fantastic taste. In the Middle East Nations and Arabic Nations, it is generally famous by the name ‘Kadak Tea’ or ‘Karak Tea’. This is made by brewing tea along with some masala or spices, such as Cardamom, Cinnamon, Saffron, etc. This unique blend is a must-try!

In Middle Eastern countries and Arabic Nations, you can find cafes fully crowded and busy serving ‘Karak Masala Tea to aficionados. Each cafeteria takes pride in the recipe and wants to stand out by winning the hearts of its consumers.

Karak Masala tea is the tastiest beverage that is excellent for your health due to the benefits it has to offer if consumed daily or at least a few times during a week. Karak Masala Chai is very a bit sugary and spicy as compared to normal tea. I bet you haven’t come across anything as mouth-watering as Instant Karak Masala Tea that satisfies your taste buds.

How Karak Masala Tea Helps to Start Your Day

masala chai

Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea is irreplaceable if you want to feel energized and keep going throughout the day.This simple beverage is a very special one, indeed. It offers many benefits and relief when you are low on energy or want to make the family time memorable.

  • Great help in staying alert:

Instant Karak Masala tea has caffeine since it is made of black tea leaves, which naturally tend to contain caffeine. It is a thumb rule that Instant Karak Masala tea contains caffeine, which helps you stay alert and sharp. However, caffeine is less in amount as compared to coffee. Those who wish to stay active and alert but don’t want too much intake of caffeine can relish on Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea and avoid the negative side effects of too much caffeine. The stimulating effect produced by the Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea lasts all day long and gives you tackle all the challenges throughout the day. Some people are addicted to caffeine but don’t know a way out due to fear of abrupt withdrawal. Well, here comes Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea, to the rescue. You don’t have to go to any extreme and can continue with Instant Karak Masala Tea, without infusing yourself with lots of caffeine.

  • Improvement in Digestive System:
Aids in the Process of Digestion

Want to keep your gut healthy and improve the digestion system? Try Instant Karak Masala Tea Premix by Neel Beverages Private Limited. Different spices included in the Instant Karak Masala Tea Premix’, especially ginger aids digestion by ensuring proper circulation of oxygen. No wonder, ginger is called ‘The Wonder Spice’. A strong digestive system may keep many diseases at arm’s length.

  • Immunity Booster:
Immunity Booster

The pandemic of the Novel corona Virus entered our lives to teach us many lessons. One such was not to take health for granted and the need to maintain internal immunity. The instant Karak Masala Chai may boost your immunity. In ancient Ayurvedic Scriptures importance of different herbs and spices is mentioned. One simple way to include them in your everyday intake is to use Neel Beverage Instant Karak Masala Tea premix’.

  • Common Cold and Flu:

Every mother knows the importance of hot tea when her child is having a rough day or if the bad weather is affecting anyone in the family. She would prefer to make a tea brewed with spices and herbs. If you have been living alone and miss your mom, try Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea’. The best part is that you don’t have to make it from scratch and it gives a consistent taste as all the ingredients are carefully assembled in proportion. However, please note that Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea is not a replacement for any medication.

  • No Compromise with Taste or Quality:
Flavorful and Delicious

There are tea aficionados and connoisseurs, who are completely against compromising with the taste or quality and stay loyal to the brand. Our very own ‘Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea’ is just for them. You can carry it anywhere. Instant Karak Tea Sachets are lightweight and don’t require huge space in your luggage. Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea comes in handy and is the best companion on your long journey, hiking, or any adventure trail. Further, if you are thinking of gifting something unique to your close friends, how about Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea premix?  You will make them very happy. Who doesn’t like a gift that will reduce their efforts and save their time? Our products are perfect to use for people who live an on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Relief from Bloating:
Relief from Bloating

Instant Karak Masala Tea provides instant relief on bloating. That is why it is preferred by the people after heavy meals. Instant Karak Masala Tea is a feel-good tea.

You are missing out on happiness if you don’t have Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea premix in your collection.

How to Make Instant Karak Masala Tea

How to Make Instant Karak Masala Tea

Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea is simple to make even if you have a tight schedule. All you have to do is boil 150 ml of water and add a sachet of Neel Beverages Instant Karak Masala Tea Premix. This is it. Stir it and you are ready for a perfectly delightful experience. No matter how busy you are, you can take some time to enjoy this magic potion. Being instant, Karak Masala Tea can be prepared in under 5 minutes. It is perfect company when alone and doesn’t take much time to prepare during social gatherings or family functions.

Reasons to Choose Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea Premix

Neel beverage karak tea

Neel Beverages has always curated the best products for its consumers and became popular in the international markets, in no time. Our products match international standards. Our after-sales service is appreciated by all.

When it comes to quality, we are the leading manufacturers in the category of soups, tea, and coffee premix. Our customers are our biggest motivators and we always incorporate their suggestions and instructions in the form of feedback and reviews, to become better at what we do. We are thankful to them for extending support by spreading awareness about our products.

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