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Karak Ginger Tea: The Healthy Cup of Ginger Tea and Its Benefits


For some, Tea is just a beverage. Although for Tea aficionados, it is the nectar. Days that begin with a steamy, flavorful Karak Tea turn out to be cheerful and energetic.

China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and India are mass producers of Tea, whereas countries that lead the list of mass consumption of tea are Turkey, the United Kingdom, Russia, Morocco, and Ireland.

In Southeast Asia, normally Tea means a hot beverage. However, in the west, Tea is consumed cold and goes with the name Iced Tea or ‘Ice Tea’ as it is pronounced.


Herbal tea is a variety of tea more famous among health-conscious individuals. It is made using roots, flowers, leaves, and fruits of different kinds. It keeps you hydrated and is perfect for ‘Detoxification’.

Karak Tea is a strong-flavored tea very popular in Middle-East and Arabic Nations. It is similar to Masala Chai version of Indian Tea. Masala means spices and herbs.

The Novel Corona Virus pandemic affected many sectors. All restaurants and cafes had to remain shut due to strict Govt. policies. However, the in-house consumption of tea continued.

Benefits of Karak Ginger Tea

Neel Beverages Instant Karak Ginger Tea has lots of benefits to offer. Some of which are listed below:

  • Refreshing Beverage:
Refreshing Beverage

It is very essential to take some time out from work to enjoy a hot, steamy, flavourful, and aromatic Instant Karak Ginger Tea. It is a tasty way to refresh and rejuvenate. Consuming Neel Beverages Karak Ginger Tea at least a few times during the week, if not every day, will increase productivity and rejuvenate you. Instant Karak Ginger premix by Neel Beverages helps you get going throughout the day. It tickles your taste buds, helps you kickstart your day, and keeps you energized during busy days.

  • Perfect winter drink:
Perfect tea in winter

Are you ready for the coldest season? That’s right! Winter is approaching. How do you plan to spend your breezy evenings? Enjoy Neel Beverages Instant Karak Ginger Tea with your beloved during this important season! If you can not go out due to snowfall and heavy cold outside, don’t worry! Grab a book of your favorite author, bake some fresh cookies and prepare Neel Beverages Hot Instant Karak Ginger Tea. It will fill you with warmth and soothe you immediately.

  • Common Cold and Flu:

The prominent ingredient in Instant Karak Ginger Tea premix is ‘Ginger’. Ginger has been acknowledged as ‘The Wonder Spice’ in many ancient Ayurvedic Scriptures. Sages have been advocating its use. One of the easiest ways to include Ginger in your daily intake is to consume Neel Beverages hot Instant Karak Ginger Tea’.

If you are facing difficulties due to the common cold, flu, or sore throat, hot instant Karak ginger tea comes to the rescue. This gets you going. However, Neel Beverages Instant Karak Ginger Tea is not a replacement for any medication, and consultation with the Doctor is a must if any disease persists.

  • Improves Digestive System:
Aids in the Process of Digestion

The main component of the ‘Ginger’ is ‘Gingerol’. It contains lots of antioxidant properties. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger, unique in fragrance. Instant Karak Ginger Tea may improve your digestive system and prevent bloating. Normally a hot cup of instant Karak Ginger Tea is preferred after a heavy meal.

  • Immunity Booster:
Immunity Booster

Some of the antioxidants, antibacterial, and antiviral properties of ginger may keep certain diseases at arm’s length by improving immunity. Haven’t we learned the importance of immunity during this pandemic? Self-care is a necessity. We must not take health for granted. You can count on Hot instant ginger Karak teato aid your immunity.

  • Keeps you active and alert:
Keeps you active and alert

The work pressure of demanding jobs requires one to be sharp, active, and vigilant the whole time. A cup of Neel Beverages Instant Ginger Karak tea is desirable before important meetings. Hot instant Ginger Karak Tea can be consumed itself or with a couple of biscuits, light snacks, etc. You can work at a stretch as this beverage doesn’t make you hungry for hours.

Wondering how to prepare Neel Beverages Instant Karak Ginger Tea? It’s very simple. All you have to do is to boil 150 ml of water and add a sachet of Instant Karak Ginger Tea premix to it. Mix it well and gluten-free Instant Karak Ginger Tea is ready.

If you are following diets, you don’t have to give up on tea and continue with the unsweetened flavor. At Neel Beverages, we believe that one can cut sugar without cutting chai.

A box of Neel Beverages Instant Ginger Karak Tea consists of 10 single-serve sachets. You may use one sachet per person.

Why Choose Neel Bevrages Karak Tea

Neel beverage karak tea

Neel Beverages is a leading Indian Manufacturers in the premix category and has introduced a range of products in instant tea, instant coffee, and instant soups.

Neel Beverages became a popular brand in no time due to its products that match international standards. Our customers vouch for excellent quality products along with after-sales service.

We are proud of our customers who have helped us improve at what we do. We are all ears to their feedback and reviews. We incorporate their suggestions. This has enabled us to serve them better.

Neel Beverages exports its products in Oman, Canada, Bahrain, the United States of America, Maldives, and many other Nations. We combine quality and taste. We are proud of its team of expert professionals which curates products after detailed study and analysis of tastes, habits, preferences, choices, likes, dislikes, and most importantly the convenience of our target demographics. Our excellent quality machines produce the best products.

Neel Beverages instant premix products are popular because they save time, ensure consistent taste, come in handy during long journeys, and cater to large quantity requirements in social gatherings.

Our products are a perfect gift you can give your beloved. It’s kind of unique too. Nowadays we all need something that can give us instant relaxation and reduce our efforts. Neel Beverages Private Limited is at your beck and call. Place your orders on amazon today!

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