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Instant Tea: Best Teas For Spring


The springs are warmer. It’s a favorite time to see new leaves growing on trees. Don’t we plan for perfect summer getaways? Summer is the perfect time to make beautiful memories. Going to the beach, enjoying ice creams, family barbeques, chilling with friends, sleepovers, hanging out playing different games with friends, and the list goes on. There is more than one reason to love warmer summers.

Summer is the best time for camping or spending fun times outdoors. It is time to gather all your friends, family and enjoy long conversations, music, movies together.

Summer vacations are times for family trips and exploring different parts of the globe. One can live on such memories forever.

No party is complete without including ‘Tea’. There are different flavors of teas in the market. However, making tea for all persons at a time is a stressful thing to do. Having instant tea in your collection helps a lot.

Neel Beverages Instant Tea premixes are none less than saviors. With Neel Beverages Tea Premix, you may now prepare tea for all people in under five minutes.

Best Teas For Spring

  • Instant Cardamom Tea:
Instant Cardamom Tea

Do try ‘Neel Beverages Instant Cardamom Tea’ this summer, if you haven’t tried before. Cardamom, the main component of the Cardamom Tea, has been in use for hundreds of years in India. ‘Cardamom Tea’ or ‘Elaichi Chai’ is a famous and popular go-to beverage. During warm summers, tickle your taste buds with ‘Neel Beverages Instant Cardamom Tea Premix’.

  • Instant Ginger Tea:
instant ginger tea

In India, when it comes to tea, it is always preferred hot. Off lately, ‘Instant Iced Tea’ has become famous among the youth and is served in cafes and restaurants. However, at home, people start their days with instant ginger tea. Spring is neither hot nor cold. It is a season full of warmth. An evening ginger tea with some light snacks or biscuits is a daily ritual of many. Ginger tea is digestive. Many prefer to drink a cup of ‘Instant Ginger Tea’ after a heavy meal.

  • Instant Saffron Tea:
instant saffron tea

‘Saffron’, one of the expensive spices in the world, forms the main component of the ‘Instant Saffron Tea Premix’ by Neel Beverages Private Limited. During get-togethers and family functions, don’t we all wish to include something that will make the whole event more memorable? ‘Instant Saffron Tea Premix’ is delightful. A delightful, tasty, flavorful, and aromatic ‘Instant Saffron Tea’ is the life of any party.

  • Instant Lemongrass Tea:
instant lemongrass tea

If you are tired of drinking those bitter potions for detoxification, try ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’ for a change and surprise yourself. With ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’, itis no longer detoxification, but a tasty tea-toxification. If you don’t like to infuse yourself with a heavy dose of caffeine, try ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’ this summer. ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemongrass Tea’ is therapeutic.

  • Instant Iced Tea:
instant iced tea

For the delight of ‘Iced Tea Lovers’, Neel Beverages Private Limited has introduced ‘Instant Iced Tea Premix’ in the following two flavors:

Instant Peach Iced Tea Premix

Instant Lemon Iced Tea Premix

After long rides on your bicycles, you may enjoy your favorite ‘Instant Iced Tea’. It freshens you up and soothes your senses.

  • Instant Lemon Black Tea:
Instant lemon black tea

For tangy flavor lovers, we have introduced ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’. The sweet and tangy flavored ‘Instant Lemon Black Tea’ indeed is a rejuvenating experience.

Those individuals, who are extra health-conscious and prefer to avoid carbohydrates from their daily intake, may try unsweetened premix in the above-mentioned flavors, as well.

  1. Unsweetened Instant Cardamom Tea Premix (Without Sugar)
  2. Unsweetened Instant Ginger Tea Premix (Without Sugar)
  3. Unsweetened Instant Masala Tea Premix (Without Sugar)
  4. Unsweetened Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix (Without Sugar)

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Tea:

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Neel Beverages Private Limited is customer-centric. Customer satisfaction is our motto. We have been admired by the clients due to products that match international standards as well as our after-sales service. Neel Beverages is simply irreplaceable due to the following traits:

  • Instant Mood Fixer:
Instant tea is a mood fixer

Don’t we want instant solutions that ensure fast results? If you are looking for something to fix your mood and fill you with energy, ‘Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix’ is your solution.

  • Plan Your Day With Neel Beverages Tea:

It is very crucial to have the clarity to plan your day. The easiest way of gaining clarity is to start a day with journaling for at least half an hour while sipping ‘Neel Beverages Tea’. Our products tickle your taste buds and help you gain brilliant moments of clarity. Your perspective shapes your reality. Start your day with ‘Neel Beverages Tea’. Infuse yourself with happiness and energy every day. Let your morning begin with happiness!

  • User-Friendly:

The team of Neel Beverages Private Limited has a brilliant team of professionals that curates user-friendly products. We take into account the convenience, requirements, quality, tastes, habits, etc. to curate user-friendly products.

  • Suits Any Lifestyle:
Instant teas suits any lifestyle

If you are living solo, with a nuclear family, or in a huge family, Neel Beverages Products are for one and all. If you are a social animal or live a minimalist life, you have just discovered the right beverage to make your moments. Whether you are stable or enjoying the nomadic life due to demanding jobs, ‘Neel Beverages Instant Tea’ is perfect for you. Being lightweight, ‘Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix Sachets’ come in handy. They ensure consistent taste and that too at affordable prices.

  • Unique Gift Idea:

Nowadays more than ever, we all want something that will make our lives easier, stress-free, and provide us the comfort we need, in an instant. ‘Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix’ is a perfect and ideal gift idea. If you have a friend circle consists of adventure lovers or adrenaline junkies, gift them ‘Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix’.

You don’t have to wait for mothers’ day to gift your beloved mother something that will reduce her effort. The time is now! Surprise her by placing an order on Amazon today.

Don’t forget to place your orders for ‘Instant Coffee Premix’ and ‘Instant Soups Premix’ as well.

Let ‘Neel Beverages Products’ be your daily dose of self-care.

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