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Instant tea


Instant Tea! What an aromatic and flavorful beverage!!

Tea powder used in brewing is made from leaves of ‘Camellia Sinensis’. After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world and is deeply rooted in the culture of many Nations.

Black Tea

Black tea is the most famous of all kinds produced and covers up to 75% of the total production, while 20% of the total production consists of Green tea and the rest consists of white, oolong, and yellow tea. With time, many herbal teas made using roots, fruits, flowers, and leaves of different kinds of trees became famous due to many benefits they offer, including detoxification, immunity boost, etc.

Best Instant Teas for Headache

Tea for headache

There are many types of headaches, like tension headaches, migraines, etc. These cause mild, moderate, or severe pain. Too much work pressure, stress, and the hustle-bustle to meet expectations we have from ourselves results in a tension headache. Migraines cause severe pain only on one side of the head. There are many other types of headaches too. However, these two are commonly experienced.

No matter how busier your life gets, occasional time out is a must.  Too much work stress and a burden of expectations can put a lot of pressure on you eventually reducing your productivity.

If anything can provide you instant relief on such a daily stressful schedule, it is the Neel Beverages Instant Tea. Imagine coming home tired, and having no stamina to prepare anything that will fix your mood instantly or give you an energy boost. Well, Neel Beverages understands the current trend of an on-the-go lifestyle among individuals. Every product of Neel Beverages is curated taking into consideration tastes, habits, preferences, choices, likes, requirements, and most importantly convenience of our customers. We understand our market demographics.

Best Instant Teas for Headache

Neel Beverages has come up with different products for different problems. Instant Cardamom tea, for instance, may improve your breath. Instant saffron tea, may help you with your skin-care routine and bring out a lovely glow on your face. Instant Lemongrass Tea may help you with detoxification. Neel Beverages Lemon Black tea is all you need if you love the citrusy flavor of lemon in your beverage. It keeps you going throughout the day, infusing you with antioxidants. This tangy and sweet combination refreshes you. If you like strongly brewed tea with a sugary and spicy flavor, don’t forget to try our ‘Neel Beverages Instant Karak Tea Premix’. This variety is famous, especially in Middle-east and Arabic Nations.

However, if you are looking for a beverage that may make you feel relieved during stressful schedules of demanding jobs,it is Instant Ginger Tea. Apart from helping you with headaches, it may improve your digestive system. It may provide relief on bloating problems, common cold, common flu, sore throat, etc. Instant ginger tea is a sweet distraction you long for when you have stress and mild headache. Ayurvedic Scriptures have mentioned the importance of different spices and herbs that one may include in their daily intakes. The wisdom is passed on from generation to generation and remains unchallenged. Ginger is popularly known as ‘The Wonder Spice’ and has some magical properties. As the winter season approaches, many prefer to drink Instant Ginger Tea at least a few times during the week, if not possible every day.

Ginger Tea

If you are not a fan of sweeteners and avoid them strictly, you don’t have to give up on tea. Giving up on sugar would do. Here’s how! Neel Beverages has introduced instant premix beverages in the unsweetened or ‘without sugar’ category, which includes:

Normally in Southeast Asia, ‘Tea’ is considered a hot beverage unless told otherwise. However, in the West, ‘Tea’ is most widely consumed as Iced Teaor ‘Ice Tea’ as it is pronounced. Considering the growing demand for an instant iced tea, we have introduced the same in the following two flavors:

Why Choose Neel Beverages Iced Tea Premix

However, any product by Neel Beverages must not be treated as a replacement for any medication. Consultation with the concerned Doctor is a must on any prolonged severe headache or any other disease.

Why Choose Neel Bevrages Instant Teas

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Neel Beverages Private Limited was founded in Year 2008 and became the leading manufacturer in the premix category in no time. We captured overseas markets and became major exporters to Maldives, Canada, The United States of America, Bahrain, Oman, and many others.

Neel Beverages Private Limited takes pride to announce that it became the first Indian company to receive ISO 22000:2005 certification and brings the blend of quality and taste. The high-quality machinery and tools are operating to bring the excellent products for our customers. Our team of professions curates the best products and we are admired for our after-sales service.

We make no use of any preservatives or synthetic colors in the making of our products and use 100 percent natural ingredients. Our customers are always at the center for us and we believe that their health is of paramount importance. This pandemic shook us from the core and taught us many lessons. We care about the customers who never take their health for granted and believe that self-care is neither selfish nor extravagant.

Our customers are undoubtedly happy about our services. It is reflected in their feedback and reviews. We are thankful to them for extending all the support to spread awareness about our products. We are all ears when it comes to our loyal supporters, who are no less than aficionados or connoisseurs whose suggestions have led us to perfection. With their support and faith in us, we continue to serve them better.

The best gift you can ever give to anyone is Neel Beverage Instant Tea premix as it reduces the work and provides motivation to work better.

Neel Beverages has introduced the instant tea range in the premix category for those who don’t like the heavy intake of caffeine. Neel Beverage Instant tea premix is the delightfully tasty magic potion you can find. So what are you waiting for? Choose the flavor that suits your mood best. Buy Neel Beverages Instant Tea premix online and enjoy solo or with family, indoors or outdoors. Place your orders on amazon today!

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