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Instant Lemongrass Tea: Why You Should Drink it


Why You Should Drink Instant Lemongrass Tea

Aren’t we more health-conscious now than ever? One of the changes in our daily intake has come in form of ‘Herbal Tea’. Herbal tea is an infusion of flowers, roots, and different kinds of fruits. Everyone has their version of herbal tea. Popular herbal teas include Chamomile Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Rooibos Tea, Peppermint Tea, and many others.
Ayurveda has emphasized the importance of including various herbs, spices, and roots in daily intake. Our sages have been very wise. Such spices include lemongrass, ginger, saffron, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, mint, holy basil (Tulsi Leaves), etc.
Neel Beverages Proudly introduces ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix for tea connoisseurs. Let us find out more.

Why You Should Drink Lemongrass Tea

If you haven’t yet included ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’ in your daily intake, the time to try it is now. The following reasons will bring a shift in your perspective regarding ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’.

  • Promotes Healthy Digestion:
Instant lemongrass tea Promotes Healthy Digestion

If you have digestive issues, then Instant Lemongrass Tea is just for you. Lemongrass being diuretic in nature, can help you give a temporary relief on nausea or bloating and soothe your stomach to keep the digestive system back on track.

A study published by the National Institute of Health in the year 2012 in this context reveals that lemongrass is effective and provides a temporary relief on cramping.

If you feel heavy or bloated after a heavy meal, no worries! Have a cup of instant lemongrass tea and relax. Many individuals prefer to consume a cup of delicious instant lemongrass tea after their meal to tickle their taste buds.

  • Weight Management:
Instant lemongrass tea helps in Weight management

Weight management is not an easy task. Weight issues are, in fact, lifestyle issues. Excessive junk food, lack of sleep, too much stress, and no exercise are some of the reasons for the growing problems of weight issues.

Many of us aspire to be in shape want the results overnight. Instead, a strategic,  practical, and patient approach is needed to reach our goals. 

Many individuals have to sacrifice the things they love in the journey of weight management. One such beverage that individuals cut off from their daily routine is ‘Tea’.

Considering the dilemma of our fitness freaks tea aficionados, Neel Beverages has introduced ‘Lemongrass Tea (Unsweetened) Premix’.

Now you can enjoy your favorite lemongrass instant tea without self-loathing or having to feel guilty for additional calories.

  • Reinvigorates Creativity:
Reinvigorates Creativity

Feeling dull off lately? Is your creative side of self-expression starving? Well, that is because you haven’t added ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix’ to your collection yet. Wondering how?

Instant Lemongrass Tea keeps you active. The aromatic lemongrass tea motivates you by helping you dedicate yourself to excellence and developing your unique form. 

It is time to perfect your craft with ‘Neel Beverages Instant Lemongrass Tea’.

  • Say No to excessive Caffeine:
Say No to excessive Caffeine

If you are someone who doesn’t like too much caffeine intake and hence avoids coffee, then ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’ is just for you. While some individuals prefer soda, carbonated water, or other fizzy drinks, this instant tea includes less caffeine as compared to coffee and is one healthy and effective alternative to coffee.

With instant Lemongrass tea, you may continue to reap the benefits of moderate caffeine consumption even after giving up on coffee.

  • Keeps You Going Throughout The Day:
Instant Lemongrass tea Keeps You Going Throughout The Day

Aren’t we energetic at the commencement of the work or beginning of a new and fresh day? As we start working, slowly the energy goes down. The monotonous work gets boring with repetitive tasks at hand. You must take breaks during the tasks and enjoy the instant lemongrass tea in between. This refreshes you and makes you ready to deal with tasks better. If some of you get anxious or procrastinate a lot due to the pressure of tasks, enjoy ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’ and see the change yourself.

Many begin and end their day with a cup of hot steamy aromatic Lemongrass Tea. It is okay to give it a try a few times during the week, if not possible every day.

  • User-Friendly:
User friendly

In today’s world of hustle-bustle, we want products that save our time, are user-friendly, convenient, easy-to-carry, and affordable. The professional team of Neel Beverages Private Limited is always at its best when it comes to curating products as it takes into consideration detailed and sharp analysis of market analysis.

Neel Beverages Instant Lemongrass Tea is very easy to make and takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is to add a sachet of an instant lemongrass tea premix into 100 ml hot water and mix this thoroughly. There you go! You are now ready to enjoy your favorite instant tea.

The best part about having instant lemongrass tea premix is that it takes about the same amount of time to prepare for one individual as it takes for many, which is why, Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix is perfect for social events, family functions, or gatherings.

If you come home tired from the workplace and have zero stamina to go out in a restaurant or a café, now you can freshen up and prepare your favorite tea at home. If you have travel plans or adventure trips to go to, take a box of Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix and enjoy it with your friends in the company of nature.

  • Special Gift:

Don’t wait for ‘The Mothers’ Day’ to gift your mother something special. Any day is best to give her something unique that says you genuinely care. Also, if you have adventure-loving friends in your circle, gift them ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix’ this year.

There is no better gift than ‘Neel Beverages Instant Premix’ products that reduce your burden of work and soothe you.

Reasons To Choose Neel Beverages Products

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

After a massive success of our products in instant tea premix, instant coffee premix, and instant soups premix categories, we now introduce another flavorful and aromatic Lemongrass tea in both regular and without sugar categories.

Choosing ‘Instant Lemongrass Tea’ by Neel Beverages Private Limited is about choosing quality over quantity.

The winter approaches fast and there is no better way to enjoy the season without warm lemongrass tea.

Neel Beverages Products are now available online and are best suited for any lifestyle. Place your order on Amazon today!

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