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Instant Green Tea: Why You Should Start Drinking Green Tea Daily


Tea is a very personal beverage. Just a beverage for many and nectar for tea aficionados, no day is complete without sipping warm tea.

Typically a hot beverage, tea is also served chilled in many parts of the world.

Another famous variety of tea is ‘Green Tea’. Let us find out more.

Why You Should Start Drinking Green Tea Daily

Start Drinking Instant Green Tea

The best time to consume ‘Green Tea’ is early morning. However, you may drink it as and when you wish to. Many prefer drinking ‘Instant Green Tea’ during office breaks as it helps relax and fill the mind with brilliant clarity. When engrossed in tasks, there is no better distraction than ‘Instant Green Tea’.

Neel Beverages Private Limited became the first Indian manufacturing company to receive ISO Certification in the premix category products. With ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’ one can prepare their favorite beverage any time you wish to.

You may use one sachet per person. Each box of ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ consists of 10 single-serve sachets.

The recipe is very simple. If you wish to prepare ‘Green Tea’ for one person, start with boiling 150 ml of water and add ‘Instant Green Tea Premix Sachet’ to it. Stir it quickly and it is ready. When preparing for a group of people, adjust the proportion accordingly.

The preparation time for ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ is less than five minutes.

Let us now discuss some of the benefits ‘Instant Green Tea’ has to offer.

  • Improves the Digestive System:
Aids in the Process of Digestion

Daily consumption of ‘Instant Green Tea’ may improve the digestive system. Yes, that is correct! Apart from soothing the stomach, green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols, proves to be an ideal drink if you have issues relating to digestion. With ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’, you don’t have to make your favorite green tea from scratch. Being instant, Neel Beverages Green Tea ensures fast results.

  • Improves The Gut Health:
Green tea helps improves The Gut Health

As per the research conducted the Ohio State University, it is evident that drinking green tea can encourage the growth of good gut bacteria. Having a good gut is very important as it may help one lower obesity. Negative changes in the gut have been previously associated with obesity. Taking good health for granted is the worst mistake anyone can ever do in these times. One of the simple and humble remedies is to include ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ in your intake. However, it must be noted that the result of using any product differs from person to person. Neel Beverages Products don’t replace any medications.

  • A Delicious Way of Detoxification:

There is no better way of detoxification than ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’. ‘Instant Green Tea’ is delightful, and tasty. It definitely deserves to be a part of your daily care routine. ‘Instant Green Tea’  is much better than those bitter potions that make you puke. Why compromise with taste when you have such a flavorful and aromatic option available with you? Bring home ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ and enjoy ‘Teatoxifaction’!

  • A Perfect Alternative:
Instant green tea a Perfect Alternative

Fed up of excessive coffees and caffeine,? Do try ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’. ‘Instant Green Tea’ is more healthy and an ideal beverage. Generally, old habits take quite a lot of time to be replaced. Conscious efforts must be made to make the shift in focus. ‘Green Tea’ tickles tastes buds. Let ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ be your first step towards fitness!

  • Stay Hydrated:

Bored of drinking water to stay hydrated? Try our very own ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’. Our products stand out as they are 100% natural. At Neel Beverages, we add neither preservatives nor synthetic food colors. Our customers are crucial to us. Their satisfaction and good health is our reward.

  • The Sharpest Tool In The Box:

Well, when it comes to weight management, only one plan counts-‘Discipline’. Self-discipline is self-love and self-care in the true sense. Weight management takes consistent effort. A combination of good sleep, following a proper diet chart, and adequate exercise is the formula of success. When it comes to weight management, ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ proves to be the strongest and sharpest tool in the box. ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’ is packed up of antioxidants and fiber. The easiest way to get the extra kick of vitamins and minerals is to include ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’ in your collection.

  • Boosts Immunity:
Immunity Booster

After the pandemic of the Novel Corona Virus, everyone learned the importance of good health and strong immunity. Most people believe that they have to drink unpleasant juices and potions to keep them internally strong. With ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’, you may experience a good immunity without compromising taste. However, it must be noted that any of the ‘Neel Beverages Products’ is not a replacement for any medication. Further, the effect of our product differs from person to person.

  • Skincare Routine:

It is time to upgrade your skincare routine with the addition of ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’. Popular especially among ladies, it is time for men to give this a try too. With ‘Instant Green Tea’, keep glowing! Start your days with ‘Instant Green Tea’. Lead your life with beaming confidence!

Why Choose Neel Beverage Instant Green Tea

Green tea

Neel Beverages Private Limited is extremely proud of its professional team that curates products after sharp analysis and thoughtful consideration of likes, preference,s habits, and most importantly the convenience of our customers. We understand the market pulse better than anyone else.

After the worldwide success of ‘Instant Coffee Premix’, ‘Instant Soups Premix’, and different kinds of ‘Instant Tea Premix’, we are proud to introduce ‘Instant Green Tea Premix’ for our loyal customers who are fitness lovers too.

We provide delivery across the globe. What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Lead a healthy life, one cup at a time. Don’t forget to place your order on Amazon this day!

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