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Instant Green Tea: How to Make the Best Green Tea


Tea! The most popular beverage, followed by Water. Tea is Hard to say no to!! About two billion people in the world begin their morning with a hot, steamy, flavorful, and aromatic cup of tea.

There are more than 1000 varieties of Tea available in the market. The most popular ones consist of black, white, oolong, and of course green! What differs each of them from one another is the type of Camellia sinensis used, horticultural methods implemented, production processing, time of the harvest, and growing conditions, etc. The Tea Capital of the World is Jorhat. Situated in Assam, India, Jorhat attracts many tourists that visit tea plantations during summers when the weather is excellent.

Studies show that people falling in the age group from 30 and 39 form a large consumer base for tea, followed by the age group ranging from 20-29. Whereas Gen Z and Millenials are crazy about sparkling iced tea.

Green tea

Instant Green Tea is a buzzword today! It is nectar for health-conscious individuals and fitness freaks. Especially popular among ladies, Instant Green Tea is consumed for centuries due to the medicinal properties it contains. Green tea is rooted in the culture of China and India. It is not just a beverage, but medicine too! The difference between black tea and green tea is that the former is oxidized. That is because leaves of Camellia Sinesis used in Green Tea are immediately heated and dried to prevent oxidization.

In Japan, Zen culture finds a place for a ceremony named as ‘Tea Ceremony’. Tea Ceremonies, indeed are a spiritual experience. In Southeast Asia, tea is widely popular as a Hot beverage. In India, you may find a ‘chaiwala’ or ‘Teaseller’ at every corner of the road. Many enjoy tea together during office breaks. However, in the West, Tea was introduced in 1904 and is consumed cold. ‘Iced Tea’ or ‘Ice Tea’ as it is pronounced, is prepared fresh or available in packed form. Another famous kind of tea is Black Lemon Tea. Those who like citrusy flavor prefer to go for this sort. In Middle-East and Arabic Nations, ‘Karak Tea’ is served fresh in cafes and restaurants. It is a strong tea and includes spices.

Tea is a very personal beverage. To each his own!

How to Make the Best Instant Green Tea

How to Make the Best Instant Green Tea

Preparing Instant Green Tea is effortless. All you have to do is boil 150 ml of water. Then proceed to add a Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Sachet in it. Mix it properly and voila! You are now ready for some ‘Teatoxification’! Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea comes with 10 single-serve sachets. You may use one sachet per person.

Benefits of Instant Green Tea

Many people prefer to consume Instant Green Tea daily, without fail. While some prefer to drink it at least a few times during the week. Drinking Instant Green Tea daily on empty stomach has some fantastic benefits.

  • Detoxification

Instant Green Tea introduced by Neel Beverages Private Limited may help in detoxification. Green tea is full of antioxidants. Now you don’t have to torture yourself with different bitter potions and juices to keep you healthy. Here comes the tastiest way to detoxify. Try Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea premix! Daily consumption of it may help in the removal of toxins from your body and may aid immunity.

  • Hydration:

Drinking Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea keeps you hydrated. It is kind of healthy too! Instant Green Tea doesn’t include too much caffeine. It is a delightful way of keeping yourself hydrated without being affected by the side effects of caffeine.

  • Weight-Loss
Weight loss

Many users of Instant Green Tea vouch that the daily consumption of the same may aid in weight loss provided a proper schedule of diet and exercise is followed. Instant Green Tea may prevent you from getting hungry often and may help you cut down on calories.

Intake of Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea may help in weight loss and gives you a quick fix on your stressful days. However, our products do not replace prescriptions and you must consult the doctor, in case of any health issues.

  • Immunity Booster:
Immunity Booster

Green tea by Neel Beverages may help in boosting immunity due to its antibacterial properties. Daily consumption of Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea may keep certain diseases at arm’s length. Everyone is aware of the importance of immunity after The Novel Corona Virus pandemic. Haven’t we all learned not to take our health for granted?

  • Skincare:
Skin care

If you wish to upgrade your skincare routine, try including Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea in your daily intake. This Green Tea may help a great deal in helping your skin glow. Remember, your face steals the show. You don’t have to be camera-shy any longer. Here comes the magic potion! Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea turned out to be an instant hit, especially among ladies! Now you know the reason why!!

  • Improves Digestive System:
Aids in the Process of Digestion

Daily consumption of Instant Green Tea may improve your digestive system.

Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea may act as an energy booster and keeps you going throughout the day. Instant Green tea may give wonderful results when consumed empty stomach.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Tea

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Neel Beverages is the leading manufacturers in premix categories. When it comes to instant soups premix, instant teas premix, and instant coffee premix, Neel Beverages is irreplaceable.

We believe in combining the quality, convenience, and tastes of our customers. Our team of expert professionals curates products after detailed analysis and understanding of current ongoing trends and lifestyles of individuals. At Neel Beverages, we understand the on-the-go lifestyle of people in the borderless world and have developed products to minimize their efforts. Neel Beverages products brighten your days by making you cheerful.

Best quality products and excellent after-sales service at affordable prices is the motto of Neel Beverages Private Limited. You can enjoy our products at home or can carry them on long journeys. Guess what? We ensure that our loyal aficionados don’t have to compromise with taste. Now you can enjoy your favorite products anytime and anywhere.

If you are looking to gift your friends and beloved something unique, try Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix. With Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix, you can save their time and effort. If you wish to tell someone that you genuinely care, gift them Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix! Let this be your love language! Place your order online on amazon today!

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