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Instant Coffee: The Growing Demand for Premium Instant Coffee


To put it simply, instant coffee is water-soluble and is made using coffee beans extracts. All you need is water and instant coffee premix to prepare instant coffee.

If you want to keep things simple and easy, instant coffee is your obvious choice. Instant coffee saves you from spending on expensive coffee machines.

If you are the kind of person that finds spending money in cafes every day as a wasteful expense, then Instant coffee is for you. You can rather enjoy the aromatic experience in your cozy home at your convenience.

Coffees like Vietnamese coffee, Turkish coffee, Cappuccino, Americano, Irish coffee, Frappe, etc. are some of the famous coffees and are worth a try!

 The Growing Demand for Instant Coffee

 The Growing Demand for Instant Coffee

As per The Mordor Intelligence, which is a Market Intelligence and Advisory firm, the value of the global coffee market was USD 102.02 billion in 2020 and it is projected to reach a  Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.28% during the forecast period from 2021-2026. The global coffee market is growing consistently year on year. Europe, North America, and Asia are the main coffee importing and consuming markets.

Since consumption of instant coffee is on the rise in India, Indian markets are experiencing incremental growth too.

Due to the ongoing pandemic of the Novel Corona Virus, the Government was forced to impose restrictive measures like social distancing, lockdown, quarantine, which had a huge impact on the lifestyle of people. Cafes and restaurants had to remain shut for a long time. But the trend of online shopping for at-home consumption was followed substantially across the world and the retailers, roasters, and consumers had to adapt to a new reality. The in-house consumption helped to stabilize the worldwide demand for coffee even during these tough times. This is how the coffee market was successfully able to survive the Covid-19 crisis.

Instant coffee making

Earlier the in-house coffee consumption was not substantial. But, during the pandemic, everyone was searching for means to express their creativity. This surge reached its peak in the form of ‘Dalgona coffee’. Netizens were going gaga over ‘Dalgona Coffee’ which is a Korean version of coffee made using the best quality ingredients like instant coffee, sugar, milk, and water. After a big hit of this version, many variations started emerging which inter alia include, Dalgona Affogato.

The most favorite beverage commonly found in Indian households remains ‘Chai’ or ‘Tea’. Even though instant coffee has a reputation as a niche product in the context of Indian markets, things are changing gradually resulting in a definite increase in the consumption of instant coffee. Mostly in South India, filter coffee is consumed in every household. Instant coffee is widely famous too.

The increase in urbanization levels set the trend of café culture. In Metro cities, coffee houses are normally crowded. Cafes have become a significant part of pop culture where people from different age groups hang out with their friends, chill, relax, have a great time, discuss work.

Instant Coffee provides consumers the choice and convenience of preparing it anytime they wish to. Anyone can prepare instant coffee and that too in very little time.

Benefits of Our Instant Coffee

To make one cup of Neel Beverages hot instant coffee, all you need is one sachet of Neel Beverages Instant Coffee premix and 100 ml of boiled water. That’s it! Give it a quick stir and reinvigorate yourself. Neel Beverages instant coffee premix includes 10 single-serve sachets.

Our Neel Beverages Instant coffee has some of the best benefits to offer.

  • Mood-fixer:
Mood fixer

On some days, all you need is a cup of hot instant coffee to fix your mood instantaneously. When you have none to help you during your burdensome schedules and you don’t have time to take a long break, you need something to lift your mood to get back to your work without delay. Try Neel Beverages instant coffee and see the magic yourself! Instant coffee is the rejuvenation potion.

  • Flavorful and Delicious:
Flavorful and Delicious

Neel beverage has blended all the ingredients to bring the best Instant coffee that has a flavorful and aromatic taste. Instant coffee is undoubtedly delicious.

  • Easy to Carry Anywhere:
Easy to Carry Anywhere

If you insist on the consistent taste of coffee, irrespective of your location, then instant coffee is surely your go-to beverage. There are coffee aficionados who will stay loyal to a particular brand or taste. Instant coffee is easy to carry during long journeys, any camping site, etc.

  • Gives You a Consistent Taste:
Gives You a Consistent Taste

The special feature of Neel Beverages instant coffee is consistency in taste. It doesn’t matter who makes it, it is going to taste the same regardless. The taste of instant coffee doesn’t change depending upon who makes it. Normally, when making a coffee from scratch, ingredients are added individually. A slight change in the proportion changes the taste. This possibility has zero chance as all the ingredients are carefully measured and assembled in proportion at Neel Beverages Private Limited. The benefit here is that one doesn’t have to compromise with the taste.

  • Saves Your Time:
Saves Your Time

Instant coffee saves time. Even if one has to prepare a lot of coffee for a social gathering it doesn’t take that long. If you have no energy to go to a café, you can get your instant coffee in under 5 minutes.

  • Improves Adrenaline Levels:

Caffeine, which is the main substance of Instant Coffee, is helpful owing to its ability to enhance adrenaline levels. With an intake of instant coffee, you will surely see a surge in energy levels and alertness. One can find instant coffee useful before meetings.

  • Generates the Happy Hormone ‘Dopamine’
Generates the Happy Hormone Dopamine

An instant coffee helps in the generation of a hormone called ‘Dopamine. This is the same hormone that is normally generated in the body after exercising, getting a relaxing sleep, listening to favorite music, meditation, etc. Dopamine is rightfully known as ‘The happy hormone’ since it gives the feeling of happiness and well-being. The moderate consumption of instant coffee does spike dopamine levels in an individual and infuses pleasurable feelings. This, in turn, makes one cheerful and productive. Dopamine does its part in bringing down normal stress levels.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Coffee Premix

Neel Beverages Instant Coffee

Neel Beverages has manufactured two varieties of instant coffee premix. The regular instant coffee premix comes with sugar in it. Taking into account, the health concerns of its consumers, Neel Beverages Private Limited has now introduced a sugar-free version of Instant Coffee premix or the Neel Beverages Instant Coffee premix (Unsweetened).

Our Products are widely exported in countries like Bahrain, Canada, Malaysia, the United States of America, Maldives, Saudi, Oman to name a few. The products are well received in the market and acknowledged for their quality.

We also have instant cardamom tea premix, instant masala tea premix, instant ginger tea premix, etc. Neel Beverages Instant Coffee is pocket-friendly and is a perfect refreshing beverage.

Neel Beverages Private Limited strictly avoids using any synthetic colors or preservatives in its products. We make coffees from 100% natural ingredients keeping our coffee aficionados and connoisseurs in mind. Neel Beverages Private limited proudly maintained the tradition of choosing quality over quantity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that instant coffee is a modern-day magic potion. Don’t believe it? Buy Neel Beverages Instant Coffee on amazon today and surprise yourself!

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