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Instant Chai Premix: A New Found Love For Chai Lovers


Drinking tea is a ritual in India. Tea or chai, as is commonly known is believed to be consumed approximately 837,000 tonnes every year. It transcends all religions and boundaries. Tea is no less than a religion for ‘Tea lovers’.

Ingredients of tea change region-wise and every culture have influenced it in its way. For example, in India, one can find various types of teas. Normally, hot tea is consumed by the masses. However, in different regions, different kinds of tea have evolved. In Ladakh, for example, ‘Butter Tea’ is consumed most. In Kashmir, ‘Kahwa’ is the local version of tea. In the region of West Bengal, ‘Lebu Cha’ is another variety. ‘Tandoori Chai’ is liked by many. In every Indian household, masala tea or masala chai is common and includes spices and herbs that include cardamom, black pepper, saffron, cinnamon, tulsi (The holy basil), star anise, mint, etc.

Green Tea is a healthy and refreshing beverage that aid in detoxification.

Green tea

‘White Tea’, which is a less-oxidized version of tea, is rich in anti-oxidants.

Herbal Tea is made from herbs, fruits, and flowers and consists of ‘Hibiscus Tea’, ‘Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea’, ‘Rosehip Tea’, etc.

In Japan, the zen culture has a ritual ceremony, known as the ‘Tea Ceremony’. It is a spiritual experience that is held to bring out mindfulness in people in this world of hustle-bustle. In the western world, ‘Tea’ is normally considered as ‘Iced Tea’ and is made available on order and also sold in packaged form.

In Middle-East and Arabic Nations, Karak Tea or ‘Karak Chai is so popular that cafeterias are busy serving consumers all day and night. In the Peoples Republic of China, ‘Oolong Tea’ is a commonly served beverage in restaurants. ‘Mate Tea’ which is made from a wild shrub ‘Mate’, found in Argentina, is a favorite tea of coffee lovers, as it tastes likes coffee. South Africa has its version of tea, known as ‘Rooibos tea’ made from a South African red bush.

‘Camellia Sinensis’ native to Southeast Asia but now cultivated across the world in tropical and subtropical regions is the one whose leaves and leaf buds are used in the production of all types of teas, which every tea aficionado believes to be nectar disguised as a refreshing beverage.

What Makes Instant Chai a Divine Beverage

Instant Chai

It is becoming impossible to find time for self-care in a world full of stress, hectic schedules, and hustle-bustle. With globalization and many people living on-the-go lifestyles, one can’t find time to make things from scratch and needs an instant fix for their problems. This has resulted in a tremendous demand for instant chai premix.

Neel Beverages Private Limited understands and carefully analyses market pulse to curate a product that suits the needs, likes, preferences, health, and most importantly the convenience of the customers. Our products not only suit customers’ tastes but are affordable to them.

It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare Instant Chai using Neel Beverage Instant Chai premix. Imagine coming home tired, and having no stamina to visit a cafe, Neel Beverage Instant Chai Premix is your obvious choice. All you have to do is boil 100 ml of water and add one sachet of Neel Beverages Instant Chai premix. Please remember to boil 150 ml of water instead of 100 ml, if you are going to make Karak tea using ‘Instant Karak premix’. There you go! You are now ready to relish the magic potion that will instantly fix your mood. During a common cold, flu, or sore throat, this may give you quick relief.

Please note that Neel Beverages instant chai premix is not a permanent fix or any replacement for medication prescribed by the doctor.

It is perfectly okay to consume chai every day or at least a few times during the week.

A Blend of Variety and Taste for Instant Chai Premixes

Variety and Taste for Instant Chai Premixes

Neel Beverages proudly introduces a range of ingenious products for its customers so now they have a variety of products to choose from that suit their mood and requirements.

Ayurveda has stressed enough importance of including many spices and herbs in daily intake. The easy way to do the same is to use Neel Beverage Instant Chai Premix products.

Owing to the same, Neel Beverage has introduced Instant Saffron Tea, Instant Masala Tea, Instant Cardamom Tea, Instant Ginger Tea, Instant Lemongrass Tea, etc. This range includes sweeteners and is ideal for people who like their beverage sweet.

We have also introduced variety in the unsweetened premix category, for our consumers, who avoid sweets in their intake and are extremely diet-conscious. We want to assure them that they can give up on sugar, not chai. The range of premix tea for our fitness-conscious consumers includes:

instant chai

Those who are lovers of Green tea can go for Green Herbal Tea premix. For tea aficionados, who prefer strong tea, can now enjoyNeel Beverages Instant Karak Tea’.

Neel Beverages Private Limited has always believed that customers must not compromise in terms of taste. We continue to serve them better as we have incorporated their feedback, suggestions, and reviews. This indeed has helped us evolve over the years and helped us excel at what we do.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Chai

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

There are more than one reasons to chose Neel Beverages products, which inter alia include:

  • Products with quality that matches international standards
  • Our aftersales service
  • Our dedication towards our loyal customers

Neel Beverages Private Limited emphasizes using excellent machinery in making all its products that, apart from the range of premix chai, include instant premix coffee and instant premix soups too. We strictly avoid using any preservatives and use 100% natural ingredients in making our products.

You must try Neel Beverages Instant Tea premix to appreciate it! Go ahead and place an online order on amazon for Neel Beverages Instant Masala Chai premix today!

Choose Neel Beverages! Choose quality over quantity!!

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