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Iced tea: The origin and History of Iced Tea
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Tea or chai is undoubtedly one of the most famous and widely consumed beverages all over the world. It has an aromatic taste, capable to refresh and soothe. Tea is a modern-day magical potion capable to turn a dull and stressful day into a relaxing one.

In almost all Indian households tea is preferred to be consumed first thing in the morning. Yes, that’s right! The day begins with a hot, steamy, and flavourful cup of tea.

Iced tea

Some prefer to drink herbal or green tea, while others prefer to drink iced tea, or Ice Tea, as it is pronounced. May it is consumed hot, cold, and green or black, tea is irreplaceable.

Instant iced tea is a beverage brewed from tea leaves, chilled over ice, and served cold. It can be infused with spices like ginger, tulsi (the holy basil), or mint and can be served with sugar, as per taste.

When it comes to the USA, tea is always considered as Iced Tea unless told otherwise and nearly 80%-85% of tea consumption is in the form of Iced Tea. In India, where the hot beverages culture is very strong, Iced Tea is considered a ‘Niche Product’. However, instant iced tea is gaining more popularity in metropolitan cities.

The market for Iced Tea is growing in India due to its youth for sure. It is a very preferable alternative to carbonated water and is the preference of the young crowd. 

The Origin and History of Iced Tea

Iced tea

The origin and history of iced tea can be traced back to the nineteenth century. The oldest recipes in print are made with green tea and not black tea and were popularly known as punches such as Regent’s punch (Named after George IV, the English Prince). Somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century, American versions of this punch became popular with more regional and patriotic names.

Fast forward to the 20th century, iced tea became commonplace in cookbooks and black tea started getting replaced by green tea or herbal tea. 20th Century saw a hike in tea exports from India, South America, Africa, and Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon.

It took the year 1904 world’s Fair in St. Louis to popularize and commercialize the concept of The Iced Tea’.

Iced tea

Most historians believe that it was Late Mr. Richard Blechynden, as the creator of iced tea at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. He happened to be the then India Tea Commissioner and Director of the East India Pavilion. However, this is not true. Although it was him that was offering free hot tea to everyone at the fair, he soon realized that the crowd was getting repelled by the heat to drink tea. As a solution to this problem, Blechynden and his team took a brewed India Tea, filled several large bottles, and made them stand upside down, thereby allowing the flow through iced lead pipes. This free iced tea was very well received and appreciated at the fair. Once this experiment was a massive hit, Blechynden took his lead pipe apparatus to the city of New York, offering free iced tea to shoppers at Bloomingdale Brothers Department Store. This demonstration of iced tea was a massive hit again and resulted in making it a desirable summertime drink.

Currently, in the USA, it is very common to find instant iced tea in convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, vending machines, and soda fountains, etc. It can be made fresh on order or is available in packaged bottles and cans for ready consumption and takeaways. Other than the USA, iced tea is famous in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Hongkong, Taiwan, Greece, Germany, Japan, Philipines, Portugal, Malaysia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom (UK), etc. Iced tea in each country differs due to cultural variation.

As far as India is concerned, instant iced tea is gaining more popularity and is found at most restaurants, hotels, and malls. The most popular ones are Ginger Lemon Iced tea or commonly known as Lemon Iced Tea and ‘peach iced tea.’

Benefits of Iced Tea:

  • Hydration

Iced tea or colloquially referred to as ‘Ice Tea is excellent for hydration as compared to the ‘Hot Tea’ or ‘Chai’. According to Harvard Public School of Health, Iced tea is the second-best source of hydration after water as it contains antioxidants, flavonoids in more measures as compared to others.

  • A Healthy Alternative to Soda:
A Healthy Alternative to Soda

Excessive use of soda is feared as it may increase belly fat significantly. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to soda or other carbonated beverages, ‘Iced Tea is perfect for you. A glass of iced tea keeps you full and you don’t feel hungry for a long time.

  • Stress-buster:

Our hearts long for tea in stressful situations. According to the research published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, Tea has magical properties that can reduce anxiety and bring down stress levels to a significant extent.

  • Alertness:

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, iced tea is the best option as it contains less amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. Iced tea keeps you active without infusing you with loads of caffeine. It’s an ideal drink before meetings or if you are traveling alone on long journeys and need to be alert and awake.

However, it must be understood that anything if consumed in excess, may not prove to be beneficial. The mantra here is to consume iced tea in moderation.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Iced Tea Premix

Why Choose Neel Beverages Iced Tea Premix

Long for a refreshing quick to make instant iced tea after a long tiresome day full of hustle and bustle? Choose Neel Beverages iced tea premix.

If you have no stamina to make hot tea or an iced tea from scratch, try Neel Beverages Iced Tea Premix. One box of Neel Beverages instant iced tea premix contains 10 single-serve sachets. All you have to do is fill your glass with ice, chilled water, and proceed to empty one sachet of Neel Beverages Iced Tea Premix in it. Once you give a quick stir, your beverage is ready for you to enjoy. This doesn’t even take a couple of minutes and anybody can make this.

Since Neel Beverages iced tea premix sachets are very lightweight, they don’t occupy too much space in the luggage and, hence are easy to carry everywhere.

Neel Beverages has always put customers first. We curate products after a detailed analysis of our demographics. We want to give them the best products, they can enjoy.

peach and lemon iced tea

Neel Beverages private limited has come up with two flavors of iced tea:

These flavorful beverages are tangy and sweet. They will tickle the taste buds. Drinking Neel Beverages iced tea is a rejuvenating experience. Enjoy the Neel Beverages Iced Tea Premix! Place your orders online today!!

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