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Green Tea: How to choose the best green tea


Instant Green Tea

Lots of people begin their day with a steaming cup of tea.

Many people have switched to green tea nowadays. Made from the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea is prepared by drying the leaves after steaming and pan-frying them.

It indeed is a smart idea to shift to green tea in your daily regimen of liquids. Wondering how? We will be discussing that in a bit, but first, let’s see what is the best green tea available in the market.

How To Choose The Best Green Tea

How To Choose The Best Green Tea

There are hundreds of brands supplying different kinds of teas in the market. Neel Beverages Private Limited is one of the leading Indian manufacturers providing one of the finest green tea. This instant tea saves time and being user-friendly, tends to be an obvious choice.

Benefits Of Using Green Tea

Let us now try to understand some of the benefits of using instant green tea in daily regimen:

  • Good For Gut Health:
Instant Green Tea is Good for Gut Health

As per a study, it is proved that instant green tea may be helpful as it can encourage the growth of good bacteria. Good gut bacteria is one of the essential factors when it comes to lowering obesity.

One of the reasons why instant green tea is in trend nowadays more than ever is because people have learned not to take good health for granted and have become more health-conscious now more than ever.

Tasty green tea is good for gut health. However, results may differ from individual to individual.

Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea is one simple yet powerful way to improve your gut health.

  • Boosts Digestive System:
Instant Green Tea Boosts Digestive System

Bloating, Gas (Especially after Meals), Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion, etc, are some of the results of a poor digestive system.

Are you someone suffering due to a poor digestive system? No need to worry any longer! Here comes ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’.

Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea works magic after heavy meals. You may always give a try to this instant green tea after heavy meals.

This instant green tea may temporarily soothe your troubled stomach. However, it must be noted that ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’ doesn’t replace any medicines.

Many prefer to end their day with ‘Instant Green Tea’ after their dinner, while some enjoy ‘Green Tea’ at least a few times during the week, if not every day. It is not possible to avoid ‘Instant Green Tea’ due to its calming effects.

  • Improves Immunity:
Immunity Booster

The pandemic of the Novel Corona Virus was an eye-opener, in many ways. Not only did it teach us not to take health for granted, but also about the importance of natural immunity. Yes, that is right! It is very essential to have strong natural immunity.

Packed with powerful antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols, Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea may help in improving immunity although results may vary from individual to individual.

It is time to let go of the old assumptions that one needs to drink bitter potions and juices to build a strong immunity system, especially when the tasty ‘Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix’ is now available on Amazon and is just a click away.

  • Self-Care Routine:
Self care routine

Self-care is all about your ability to promote psychological, emotional, and physical well-being to cope up with illness.

Self-care is much needed in the world of hustle-bustle. Our ambitions are driving us crazy. We are living a nomadic lifestyle in this borderless world, where we are expected to be more productive and work at a stretch to manifest desired results. Multi-tasking and over-analyzing drain our minds and we come home with no stamina.

It is time to upgrade your self-care routine and place an order for ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea Premix’ without further ado.

This instant green tea is easy-to-make and rejuvenates you. With ‘Instant Green Tea’ in your kitchen, you no longer have to drag yourself to a restaurant or a café, rather you can make your favorite green tea at home at ease.

  • Detoxification:

Detoxification increases your energy levels significantly. Apart from that, it also increases your mental clarity, strengthens the immunity system, supports the functioning of a lever, and improves digestion.

This delightful, aromatic, and tasty beverage helps you remove toxins from your body through detoxification. We bet you haven’t come across any option better than ‘Instant Green Tea’ to detoxify.

If you are tired of drinking just plenty of water to speed up detoxification, the time to order instant green tea is now!

  • Keeps You Well-Hydrated:
instant Green Tea Keeps You Well-Hydrated

If you wish to prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, keep organs functioning properly, and keep joints lubricated, it is crucial to drink plenty of fluids.

Being well-hydrated regulates body temperature, improves the quality of sleep, mood, and cognition.

Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’, without a doubt, is an excellent source of hydration. This instant tea is much better than those carbonated water or fizzy drinks.

  • Part Of Daily Skin-Care:
Instant green tea for Daily Skin-Care

At Neel Beverages, we add no preservatives or synthetic colors in the making of any of our products. Neel Beverages Products are a hundred percent natural. No wonder Neel Beverages instant green Tea has earned a permanent spot in the daily skin-care routine of many ladies.

At Neel Beverages, we curate all our products after taking into consideration the likes, habits, preferences, and convenience of our target demographics. Having known the market pulse, we curate the best products that have always rewarded us in terms of customer satisfaction.

  • Helpful In Weight Management:
Instant green tea for Weight loss

A well-balanced diet, modest exercise, self-care, reasonable amount of sleep, are all required for weight management. Weight management is possible with consistent efforts, perseverance, and self-discipline.

Packed up with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’, proves helpful in weight management.

Reasons To Choose Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea

Why choose neel beverages Instant green tea

After the grand success of many varieties in the category of ‘Instant Coffee Premix’, ‘Instant Tea Premix’ and ‘Instant Soups Premix’ category, Neel Beverages Private Limited has introduced ‘Instant Green Tea Premix’ for the delight of our customers. We provide delivery anywhere across the globe.

This winter season, take a vow to upgrade your habits by including ‘Neel Beverages Instant Green Tea’ in your daily routine.

Enjoy breezy winter evenings with your favorite Neel Beverages Green Tea!

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