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Ginger tea: Its Benefits and How to Make it


ginger tea

Ginger tea is a very popular beverage in South East Asia. The most common way of making a ginger tea is by adding grated ginger roots, milk, and sugar into brewing black tea and serving hot. This method is a very commonly used method of making ginger tea in India.

However, there is no one single typical way of making a ginger tea and a lot of variations are possible by adding green cardamom, lemongrass, tulsi leaves (holy basil), or mint, for example. Such tea is no less than a herbal remedy.

Ginger tea is most commonly known as ‘Adrak wali chai’ in India. It can be consumed itself but mostly in Indian households, it’s served with tasty snacks like aloo tikkis, vegetable cutlet, samosa, medu vada, or different kinds of fritters of choice.

Ginger tea

Other Asian countries have their history of Ginger tea and it is widely popular there too. For instance, a Korean version of Ginger tea is known as ‘saenggang-cha’ and is preferably served with Jujubes and pine nuts. In Japan, it is known as shōgayu. In southeast Asian countries like Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia, ginger tea is usually known as ‘teh halia.’ It is brewed of strong black tea with milk and sweetened with condensed milk. In China, the Tang dynasty has played a significant role in the cultural history of tea. The Indonesian name for ginger tea is ‘teh jahe’. In Javanese culture, it is known as ‘Wedang Jahe’. In the Philippines, it is called ‘salabat’, in the Filipino language.

Although China and India are leading producers of Ginger Tea, the less known cultivators are the Caribbean, East Africa, Jamaica, and Brazil.

Ginger tea has an aromatic flavor. It is warm and spicy. At times, it can be a bit intense for taste buds. The addition of honey or lemon may help reduce the intensity of spices and add a tasty twist to the cup of ginger tea.

How to Make Instant Ginger Tea

It takes only fifteen minutes to make a warm cup of ginger tea if you are using instant ginger tea premix powder by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

All you have to do is heat slightly little more than 100 ml of water and once it’s warm, pour it into a cup and add one sachet of instant ginger tea premix powder into it. Just give it a quick stir and there you are, ready to start your day!

What Are the Benefits of Ginger Tea

1. Immunity Booster:

Immunity Booster

Instant ginger tea helps in boosting immunity. The biological compounds in ginger, namely, gingerol and shogaol make sure that radicals and toxins that cause one to get sick are eliminated. The anti-bacterial properties of ginger fight those elements that cause disease. When one experiences the problem of sore throat and common cough, it is the warm ginger tea that immediately comes to the rescue. Ginger contains high levels of vitamin C and magnesium that are proven to provide relief during a common cold.

2. Improvement in Blood Circulation:

Ginger is of significant value in Ayurveda due to the many medicinal properties it contains. Ginger tea contains minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that may prevent inflammation and ensures smooth blood circulation.

3. Combats Nausea due to Motion Sickness

Combats Nausea due to Motion Sickness

Most people complain of nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness. Well, in that case, drinking a cup of ginger tea before traveling can help tremendously. Ginger tea can also be consumed at the first sign of nausea to get instant relief.

4. Improvement in the Respiratory System:

Improvement in the Respiratory System

The ginger tea may soothe respiratory effects emerging out of certain allergies. Allergic rhinitis is nothing but an overreaction to the common stimuli by the immune system.

5. Helps to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels:

Ginger prevents lower triglycerides cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol. Ginger tea increases circulation and reduces inflammation in arteries thereby reducing cholesterol. The effect of this helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This alleviates the risk of diseases associated with high cholesterol. However, there is a scope of further research in this connection.

6. Overall Brain Health:

Improvement in the Overall Brain

Regular consumption of ginger tea may improve the cognitive performance in the group of individuals belonging to middle age.

Other than those mentioned above, ginger tea has proven to increase the digestion, enhance working memory and, speed up cognitive processing. Instant ginger tea, is, without a doubt, a great stress buster.

However, it must be noted that the consumption of ginger tea is beneficial only if consumed moderately. Instant ginger tea, in general, does not have any side effects. It is the immoderate intake that may cause some problems. It must be noted that ginger tea is not a replacement for any medications prescribed by doctors.

Where can I Buy Instant Ginger Tea:

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy our instant ginger premix powder anywhere. Products manufactured by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. are available for sale online. We can be easily approached from anywhere. Along with Instant ginger tea premix powder, we sell many products online which inter alia include Saffron tea mix, Lemongrass tea mix, instant karak tea premix powder, Karak Chai ginger premix,  etc.

Why Choose Neel Beverages Instant Ginger Tea Premix

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

The best part about the instant ginger tea premix powder by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is that it is customer-friendly. That is because, it is created after taking into consideration the needs of our customers, who indeed are connoisseurs. Ever since the establishment of Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd in 2008, we are constantly making efforts to ensure that customers don’t have to compromise their taste and enjoy the same taste anywhere. Our products are in great demand in the United States of America, Canada, Bahrain, Malaysia and, Maldives.

Instant ginger tea premix powder sachets are easy to carry anywhere because they are lightweight and come in very handy.

Whether at home, in an office, on a long journey, or an adventure trail, one can make instant ginger tea and enjoy it with their loved ones. Here, at Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd, we believe that there is nothing more important than consistent quality service and customer satisfaction. Our customers vouch for our quality. We vouch for their loyalty. So, what are you waiting for? Give our Instant ginger tea premix a try!

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