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Cardamom Tea: Its benefits will make you love it even more


Cardamom Tea

The tea, known as ‘Chai’ in India is the most popular beverage and is widely consumed hot in all seasons, including summer. In Indian households, it is a very common practice to add spices in the making of tea, in addition to tea leaves, milk, and sugar. These additional spices make tea even more flavorful and aromatic. Spices and herbs inter alia include ginger, mint, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, saffron, etc. Sometimes, a single spice or a combination of many of these spices is added to a tea to enhance its taste and aroma. These spices have a medicinal value attached to them, according to Ayurveda scriptures. 

Cardamom is one such spice that people have been using for centuries, due to its medicinal value. It’s a very common ingredient in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Arabic cuisines and slowly gaining demand in the western world. Cardamom seeds and pods are being used in tea, various curries, meat dishes, and desserts. Cardamom oil helps cure loss of appetite, fatigue, and stress.

cardamom tea

India is the origin of the Cardamom tea or ‘Elaichi Chai’ as called in the native language. It’s a cardamom flavored tea that is made by brewing black tea with cardamom. Whether you are happy, sad, tired, or badly in need of energy, it is your go-to beverage. It satisfies taste buds and gives a boost to the senses.

In India, it is believed that a day that doesn’t start with ‘Tea’ or ‘Chai’ is a day wasted, indeed. You can find a tea seller or a chaiwala at every corner of the street where people enjoy their teas with their friends or during office breaks.

After saffron and vanilla, if there is the most expensive spice, it is cardamom. It is largely produced in Guatemala. The second-largest producer of Cardamom is India. The cardamom plant belongs to the ginger spice family and grows up to about 16 ft. in height. Its fruits are very petite pods.

Benefits of Cardamom Tea

cardamom tea benefits

An instant cardamom tea premix is an ingenious product by Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. All you have to do is just pour 100 ml hot water in a cup and empty one sachet of Neel Beverages Cardamom tea premix. After a quick mix, you have your rejuvenation potion ready. You can make instant cardamom tea in under 5 minutes. Whether you are at home with your loved ones or on a long journey, using instant cardamom tea premix is time-saving and gives a consistent taste. It is lightweight and occupies a little space, which makes it easy to carry.

If you feel a little under the weather or too tired to do anything much, you need not worry, if you have instant cardamom tea premix with you. The difference between a homemade cardamom tea and instant cardamom tea premix is that in the former you have to add each ingredient separately. This is what makes it more time-consuming and inconsistent in terms of taste. But in case of later, one may enjoy the same taste, anytime and anywhere.

Cardamom tea is preferred by many, due to the health benefits it offers which are:

  • Cure for Mild Headache:
Cure for Mild Headache

Cardamom tea instantly helps muscles relax and makes one feel stress-free. During hectic schedules, instant cardamom tea relieves one from a mild headache and gives the boost to carry on day-to-day tasks.

  • Nutrients:

The body requires a certain amount of each nutrient every day for smooth operating and functionality. Cardamom tea is a rich source of minerals, riboflavin, vitamins. Cardamom tea contains Vitamin A, B and C. Regular intake of cardamom tea is essential to maintain health.

  • Cures Indigestion:
Aids in the Process of Digestion

Who doesn’t want a healthy digestive system? Regular intake of cardamom tea is very good for the overall health of the digestive system. This flavourful beverage, if consumed every day, in moderation, may increase metabolic rate. Also, problems of flatulence may be solved to a certain extent.

  • A Great Immunity Booster:
Immunity Booster

During the pandemic, immunity became the new buzzword. Cardamom tea is surely an immunity booster. Having a cup of cardamom tea every day helps in detoxification of the entire system and prolonged use may bring better effects on health.

  • Cures Mild Nausea:
Combats Nausea due to Motion Sickness

Mild nausea makes one miserable. It gives dizziness and makes one feel low on energy due to vomiting. The cure is to drink ‘Cardamom tea’. If you are feeling a little ill or sickly, Cardamom tea helps you refresh, feel much better, and be at peace.

  • Instant Remedy for Common Cold and Flu:

Every mother trusts a cardamom tea when it comes to the common cold and flu. Cardamom has been used for centuries for its warming properties. It is a natural remedy. The warmth instantly provides relief for sore throat and congestion. It’s a perfect beverage in the rainy and winter season. Instant cardamom tea is indeed a simple and humble remedy.

  • Ensures Great Oral Health:

Cardamom is a home remedy for bad breath. It instantly refreshes the mouth. Further, it also soothes mild oral infection. Cardamom is used in China for centuries to provide an instant cure for the bad oral condition.

The simplest way to include Cardamom in your diet is to consume Neel Beverages Instant Cardamom premix.

Although regular consumption of cardamom tea does have many health benefits to offer, it should not be considered as a replacement for the medication prescribed by doctors. After all, moderation is a key to happy life and abundance.

Why chose Neel Beverages Instant Cardamom Tea

Neel Beverages Instant Tea Premix

Our Company, Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2008 and became the first Indian company to obtain ISO 22000:2005 certification in the premix category. Many of our products such as instant tea and coffee premixes have become popular in a short period. Our products are in demand in many countries which inter alia include, Maldives, Canada, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, United States of America, and Saudi. Our products match international standards. Customers who have been associated with us, have done a great deal of spreading awareness about our various products. Our customers are no less than connoisseurs, who don’t prefer to compromise quality over anything and vouch for our excellence.

All our products are carefully curated. We strictly avoid the use of any preservatives or any synthetic foods. Our range of products is made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

At Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd, each product is manufactured after detailed market analysis, a study of customers’ choices, their convenience, taste, preference, like, quality, etc. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction is our aim. We are always open to listening and reviews about our products, so far, have been great and encouraging. The loyalty of customers has always motivated us to live up to their expectations, both in terms of quality product and after-sales service.

Do place your order for instant cardamom tea premix online today and enjoy the rejuvenating experience.

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